Automatically delete old text messages on iPhone

It is normal that with the passage of time the messages that we are receiving accumulate. That is why it is necessary to know how to automatically delete old text messages on iPhone. We could have all those messages synchronized with iCloud for years and so many messages, it can take up a large amount of valuable space.

Currently we do not receive as many SMS as in other times. Now most people communicate through applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, among others. However, little by little you may be accumulating a large number of messages and in many cases, it is not worth saving them.

What can we do? Surely the fastest option that comes to mind is to enter the messages app from time to time and delete them manually. But what if we get this done automatically?

Nothing better than the messages are deleted from time to time without our having to intervene in any way. A little further down we will teach you how to automatically delete old text messages on iPhone.

How to Delete Old Text Messages on iPhone

The first thing we will do to automatically delete old text messages on iPhone is to enter “Settings” you can find it among the applications.

Once we are in “Settings”. We are going to have to look for the option that says “Posts”And press her. When we are in “Messages” we are going to scroll down until we find the option “Keep messages”.

By default, IPhon Messagese is configured to save all SMS and iMesseges texts forever. However, we can configure it to only keep them for 30 days or a year. So choose the option that best suits your needs.

After touching one of the two options, a text appears asking us if we want to delete all messages prior to the time period we selected. If you are sure then just choose “Get rid of”.

In this way, if we select 30 days, messages that are more than thirty days old will be completely deleted and from now on, every time a message is over 30 days old it will be automatically deleted, without you having to do anything.

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