Relatives of the disappeared were withdrawn by elements of the Guanajuato Security Secretariat (Photo: Twitter / SembrandoComun1)

This Friday began with a large concentration of people in the Santa Fe roundabout, in Guanajuato, where relatives of the disappeared asked the governor to attend to them. From there, the protesters spread through various parts of the area; However, elements of the State Security Secretariat chose to apply a heavy hand against the protesters.

On the second consecutive day of protests, members of the Sembrando Comunidad and A Tu Encuentro collectives were withdrawn and at least five of them arrested, after disagree with the appointment of Alonso Díaz Esquerra, as head of the State Commission for the Search for Missing Persons.

« A Business Administrator is not going to find my brother, it is clear to me that here the only one who will keep looking for him and has the desire, is me, » explained one woman.

During the repression, five people were arrested (Photo: Twitter)

Around 08:00 hours, the nonconformists were planted in the roads of the Santa Fe roundabout with tarps and cardboard with the printed faces of the disappeared. « I have my brother missing and they do not understand, » said a young man before the police riots. « Why are you arresting me? » A woman shouted.

(Photo: Twitter / SembrandoComun1)

The blockades of the roads generated long lines of entering vehicles, so the uniformed officers appeared in the area to persuade the protesters to clear the traffic lanes, but they refused. With riot gear, the troops proceeded to withdraw them.

The spokeswoman for the Sembrando Comunidad collective, Bibiana Mendoza, explained that a van arrived in the area with several soldiers on board and minutes later, elements of the State Police. During the events, the armed forces began to beat the mothers of the disappeared, which resulted in several injured protesters. « We are going to file the corresponding complaints, » he specified.

Between shoving and shouting, the aggravated only asked to be heard by the Guanajuato Governor, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez, whom they accused of « failing families ».

(Photo: Twitter)

« The will to dialogue that the governor promised us months ago turned into repression. We were beaten regardless of whether there were older adults, pregnant women, girls and boys. We were violently withdrawn towards the Santa Fe roundabout, and three companions were detained: Karla Verónica Martínez Jiménez, Isela Berenice Olimpia Montoya, Verónica Durán; in addition to the activist, María del Carmen Ramírez and a deputy visitor to the CNDH, ”the groups said in a statement.

On social networks, activists and relatives of the disappeared showed their support. « Very brave with the mothers and sisters of the disappeared and disappeared but very cowardly with El Marro, » wrote the feminist researcher, María Salguero, on her Twitter account.

The head of the SSP Guanajuato, Alvar Cabeza de Vaca, justified the actions of his elements, stating that the protesters behaved violently, and that even four of their uniformed officers were injured.


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