Authorities in Puerto Rico seek to establish whether the charred body is that of a US tourist who took photos in La Perla

A day and a half after the events were reported, the Police have not been able to find the whereabouts of one of the travelers who was reported missing since the night of the events.

The man identified as Tariq Quadir Loat, 24, and resident of Delaware, was last seen on Calle San Miguel # 3 in the La Perla neighborhood.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) reported that during the morning of this Monday a relative of the tourist – who is presumed to be the couple – went to said agency as part of the identification process of a partially calcined corpse that was found by the Police yesterday in Vega Baja and that presents “characteristics similar ”to those of the tourist.

“This morning, a relative of the tourist Tariq Quadir Loat, whose disappearance is being investigated by the Police, attended the interview and identification of a man whose remains were found in Vega Baja. The Institute of Forensic Sciences received information to supply the Quadir Loat dental plates to make the comparison and establish scientifically and legally their identification. The autopsy of the corpse in the custody of the ICF is being carried out and will be concluded today, ”said the director of Forensic Sciences, María Conte Miller.

Here’s what we know about the facts and the ongoing investigation:

1. Two tourists were attacked between the afternoon and night of Saturday by individuals who were in La Perla, after allegedly buying illicit drugs and trying to take photos there, reported the Police Commissioner, Antonio López Figueroa.

two. The partner of one of the tourists reported the man missing and described him as 5’11 ″ tall, 200 pounds, black complexion, brown eyes and brown hair. In addition, he has “a zigzag tattoo on his left arm and another” paper chaser “on his right arm, as well as a scar on his right knee and another on his stomach, according to shared descriptions. The Police assured this medium that the missing man’s partner is in Puerto Rico.

3. The other tourist attacked with various objects received attention in the Río Piedras Medical Center. The Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) maintains communication with the individual, who is no longer in the hospital, assured the auxiliary commander of the State Police in San Juan, Luis Kuilan. The man was attacked with a wooden pad and a metal object, a material that is part of the evidence collected by the Police. Meanwhile, the Uniformed continues in search of the second tourist.

Four. The authorities have not reported whether, in addition to the attacked tourist and the missing person’s partner, other people have been interviewed in relation to the events.

5. According to a police statement on Saturday, the tourists “ignored the warning not to take photographs at the site, which led to an altercation, resulting, at least one of them, attacked with various objects.” As part of the investigation, a team of agents was at the scene of the incident and the FURA helicopter was activated to fly over the area, but the findings or evidence from that effort is unknown. The officers returned to La Perla yesterday, to continue with the search, including in the urban area, as well as along the coast of the place.

6. Lieutenant Colonel Orlando Rivera, commander of the San Juan area of ​​the State Police, indicated yesterday that the missing tourist He had not returned to the hotel where he has stayed since arriving in Puerto Rico. “We are looking for a person alive,” added Kuilan. “There is nothing to indicate that he has passed away,” he added.

7. During Sunday afternoon Police found the body of a partially burned man in Vega Baja. The body presents “similar characteristics” to those of the tourist reported as missing, said Lieutenant Colonel of the State Police, Pedro Sánchez, on Monday morning in a radio interview (WIAC – 740 AM). The Uniformed described the body as “black, weighs approximately 170 pounds, height approximately 5 ”8, short curly hair, short white stockings, had a piece of red and blue cloth on the left knee and tattoo on left forearm”.

8. The State Department confirmed to The new day who provided “support as an interagency liaison” to the partner of the disappeared man, specifically in the process of establishing contact with the Institute of Forensic Sciences (ICF) and communicating with the Puerto Rico Police. The man’s partner was expected to attend the ICF yesterday as part of the identification process of the partially calcined body. Forensic Sciences performs an autopsy on the corpse.

If you know the whereabouts of this person, you can contact the Missing Persons Division at 787 793 1234 ext. 2202/2217 or 787 343 2020. You can also use the smartphone application “BASTA YA” or through the official Twitter account @PRPDNoticias and in Facebook.