MEXICO – Mexican authorities downplayed the indications of an epidemiologist and a health economist by Harvard University on Monday, explaining that the testing strategy in Mexico is focused on maximizing them and not just massifying them.

“The epidemiologist is very prominent, but this reverberance does not seem to be as virtuous,” said Hugo López-Gatell, undersecretary of health and spokesman for the Mexican government on the subject of the pandemic.

Over the weekend, an epidemiologist and Eric Feigl-Ding warned that more than half of the people who test for COVID-19 in Mexico are positive.

“Good heavens, I am crying for Mexico. More than 50% is the POSITIVITY percentage! More than half of all who take a test are positive. Even in the worst periods of New York, Madrid or Lombardy … they never came close to 50% positivity! Mexico may be experiencing something unprecedented. “

Through his Twitter account, the scientist of Asian origin not only shared signs and various graphics that caused annoyance in Mexico.

According to Feigl-Ding, in Mexico 56% of the tests carried out for coronaviruses have a positive result, which – according to the scientist – means that there is insufficient diagnosis and poor treatment of COVID-19.

Therefore, it recommended that the Mexican government carry out more tests, because “the epidemic reproduces in a not very misleading way” and Mexico is very low on the list of tests per capita.

A mixture of feelings invades those who fear having been infected.

However, López-Gatell considered on Monday that the Harvard scientist does not take into account that countries have different epidemiological surveillance approaches.

“The priority axis for the application of COVID-19 tests is a timely tracking of possible suspects, unlike the other countries studied in the graph published in the controversial tweet, where countries apply tests from the public and private sectors to anyone who requests it, even without being a suspected case or presenting symptoms.

“This explains the high percentage of positivity in Mexico, since the strategy is focused on maximizing the tests and not just massifying them,” said López-Gatell.