Authorities close investigation of Tiger Woods accident without making public the causes

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The case Tiger Woods‘has been resolved. The police of The Angels has confirmed that they already know why that accident occurred that could be fatal for the popular golfer. However, they have assured that they will not make the details public to respect the athlete’s privacy. A change of script given that, during the first days that Woods was admitted, the same authorities held several press conferences with a round of questions for the media.

Alex Villanueva, Sheriff of Los Angeles, has indicated that “the cause has already been determined” and “the investigation was concluded“Until Woods gives the go-ahead, the causes of the accident cannot be made public due to privacy issues.” We will ask if they resign, “he said in a public appearance. Once they receive the ‘ok’, they will be able to” make a publication complete information on the accident “.

We have the contents of the black box. We have everything, “Villanueva wanted to emphasize.” The investigation is complete, signed, sealed and delivered. “However, according to the sheriff, they cannot” make it public without the permission of the person involved in the collision. ” remember, it occurred on February 23 when the popular athlete moved in his private car.

Woods had to be admitted urgently and even operated by the medical services. The American was “subjected to lengthy surgery on the lower right leg and ankle” shortly after arriving at the facility. And it is that, as stressed from the medical body, “suffered major injuries orthopedics in the right lower limb that were treated during an emergency surgery by specialists in orthopedic trauma “.

Image of Tiger Woods car after accident NBC LA

The player of 45 years He spent several weeks hospitalized and aroused a wave of support in the world of sports. “It is difficult to explain how you have touched my heart today when I turned on the television and saw all those red polo shirts. I tell all the golfers and all the fans that you are helping me through these hard times,” he confessed to the many displays of affection.

It was not until March 17 when received medical discharge to continue recovering from the operation and injuries at his own home. Woods avoided giving any date of return to the circuit, if this return will take place, and limited himself to indicating that he would continue with the recovery at home.

Doubts in the investigation

The Tiger Woods case, due to its worldwide popularity, has not been easy for the authorities to handle either. From the moment of the collision, information began to leak to the local media and, during the following days, the trend was the same. This, added to the constant appearances of the sheriff and his assistants, put Woods in the center of the spotlight.

The police denied that Woods had consumed alcoholic beverages at the time of the accident and the accident to a mere loss of control and a speeding. However, US media recently published that no breathalyzer test was ever performed on Tiger Woods, so the researchers have been heavily criticized and even accused of trying to close the case faster than it should.

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