Author: Jennifer Silva


Jennifer Silva has been a news editor at for over two years. She has a degree in journalism from the University of South Florida and is passionate about writing and reporting the news.

VPNs are trusted and widely utilized to secure sensitive data, digital identity and protect personal information. VPN services provide apps for different types of operating systems and devices. They are compatible both with Windows and macOS and iOS, Android, Linux and Linux. But, do VPNs have different functions depending on which OS they are running? Are VPNs safer for macOS users or Windows? Do you use VPN? best VPN app for iPad This app is the best thing you can do for your Android smartphone. To answer this valid question, let’s first discuss how a VPN works: What is a VPN used…

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Technological innovation has made the world a better place, from our daily lives and interactions with other people to how we do work. Because there’s so much competition, it was important that businesses keep up with technology developments. Which technological innovations have had the greatest impact on the industry? These innovations can be used to guide us into the future of technology innovation. We will take a closer look at the top tech innovations that have the potential to transform the business environment. Mobile Technology Each business sector felt the huge impact that the iPhone introduced to the market. With…

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