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Auth0 Selected as Salesforce Customer 360 Identity Preferred Vendor

The next-generation sales force identity demands the scalability, agility and connected digital experiences that Auth0 offers

BELLEVUE, Washington, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Auth0, the identity platform for application teams, today announced that it was selected as the identity provider to drive authentication for Salesforce Customer 360 Identity, its leading technology in its Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category, which offers a single, trusted identity for more simplified user management. Salesforce Customer 360 Identity will enter a pilot phase at the end of the year and will be available to the general public in early 2021.

Salesforce Customer 360 Identity is one of four products that make up Customer360 Truth, a set of identity data and services that enables companies to create a single, real source for relevant and lasting customer partnerships. The leading CIAM, data management, customer data platform and privacy tools available in Customer 360 Truth offers a unified view of the customer to maintain customer privacy, security, connect data systems in silos and take advantage of new digital businesses.

By driving seamless sign-in experiences for all Customer 360 Identity users, Auth0 will deliver a seamless record to drive better conversions, the ability to scale to any size, and a single customer sign-in across all digital properties of the users, eliminating data in silos and offering a single real source for IT departments.

“The need for digital transformation reached new parameters, challenging businesses to deliver simple, connected, and reliable online experiences,” said Patrick Stokes, executive vice president, Shared Platform Services at Salesforce. “Customer 360 Truth delivers exactly that. And, together with Auth0, companies will be able to interact with their customers like never before, authenticating millions of users quickly and securely ”.

“Customer data is the cornerstone of customer success and depends on the ability to have a holistic view of your customers,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “As an Auth0 and Salesforce customer, I am excited about their integration to help simplify the way we access and map user data.”

Auth0’s deep developer roots and ability to deliver a superior pro-coder developer experience offer natural integration into the Salesforce platform. The Auth0 platform offers the out-of-the-box experience that most customers need. Developers can easily customize their login flows through code, and also use the large library of integrations readily available on the Auth0 Marketplace.

“The persistent challenges facing B2C customers, at scale, who need a holistic view of the customer and enhanced security, are consistent across the industry, especially with the pressing speed with which companies prioritize their transformation efforts,” he said. Shiven Ramji, Auth0 Product Manager. “This need will accelerate as more companies are forced into a transformation and we will be there every step of the way with Salesforce customers going through that process.”

In July 2020, Salesforce Ventures was the top investor in the $ 120 million round of Auth0, bringing the value of Auth0 to $ 1.92 billion and the total capital raised to more than $ 330 million.

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