Austrian GP (Part 1 – Styria) of F1 2021: Schedules and where to watch the race

Austrian GP, ​​Red Bull Ring

Next weekend is the Austrian GP F1 2021, in its first edition, since the following weekend, July 4, there will be a second part. This first one has been renamed as the Styrian GP, ​​like last year. This is how the gap left by the cancellation of the Turkish GP due to problems with the pandemic is filled. Two opportunities to race on the same circuit, the Red Bull Ring, home of the energy drinks team and where we will see if they can be as or more competitive than Mercedes for the fight for the world championship.

A clue with some loopholes that will penalize if someone makes mistakes, although it is a more normal clue. It has 10 curves and about 4,318 km in length. The record lap at this circuit is held by Valtteri Bottas with the Mercedes last year, where he did a 1’02 ″ 939. In addition, it is important to remember something, and that is that little by little it is returning to normal, and it will be a race with the public on the circuit, which is a great hope to certify that the pandemic is giving its last blow to the campaign vaccination (although you still have to be cautious) …

Austrian GP, ​​Red Bull RIng

Austrian GP, ​​Red Bull RIng

Will be interesting to see what happens here with the two fighting cocks arriving with 131 points and in first position for Max Verstappen, and with 119 points and in second position for Lewis Hamilton. In addition, in the last race Red Bull gave a hard blow to the constructors’ world championship to Mercedes. Of course, we will also have to be aware of the battles behind, that the grid is very even and we have seen how interesting it is all this year.

As you already know, so as not to miss any session, you already know that you can watch the sessions in Movistar + F1 or in DAZN, as well as the rest of the alternatives that there are this year to see this Austrian GP. As to the schedules:

# 8211; # 8211; – Day Session Time Friday June 25 Free practice 1 11:00 Friday June 25 Free practice 2 15:00 Saturday June 26 Free practice 3 12:00 Saturday June 26 Qualifying 15:00 Sunday June 27 Race 15:00

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