Australia coronavirus. Total closure in Sydney for two weeks against Delta variant


The usually boisterous Sidney showed a appearance desert this saturday after australian authorities extend the closing to all town, before the spread of the dreaded Delta variant of coronavirus, which is setting off alarms around the world.

While it is true that in general the pandemic loses strength and the who admits that the number of new cases in the world is the lowest since February, this strain detected in India, considered more contagious than the rest, threatens a new wave, even in countries where the crisis seemed to have been left behind as Australia and Israel.

The measure, which affects around 5 million inhabitants, comes after the detection of more than 80 cases related to the crew of an international flight that was transported by taxi from the airport to a quarantine hotel.

Australian health authorities announced this Saturday that the confinement initially decreed for a week in four districts of Sydney was extended overnight to the entire city and its neighboring communities for a period of two weeks.

We have suffered to recover from the confinements of last year. Today is like a kick as you slowly get up, “said Chris Kriketos, 32, with a bakery near the Sydney harbor area.

Those affected will have to stay at home for two weeks and can only go out for essential activities, such as buying essential goods, going to the doctor, school or work.

With just 30 thousand cases and 910 deaths in a population of 25 million inhabitants, Australia had stood out as one of the most effective countries in its fight against covid-19.


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