Aurrera Ondarroa wins 1-2 at Ariznabarra in Ariznabarra

05/16/2021 at 3:18 PM CEST

The Aurrera won the Ariznabarra 1-2 during the match played this Sunday in the Ariznabarra. The Ariznabarra came with the desire to return to the path of victory after losing the last match against the Balmaseda by a score of 2-0. Regarding the visiting team, the Aurrera Ondarroa he was defeated 0-2 in the last game he played against the Lagun Onak. Thanks to this result, the Ondarrés team is fifth, while the Ariznabarra he is ninth at the end of the game.

The first part of the duel started in an unbeatable way for him Aurrera Ondarroa, which premiered the luminous thanks to the success of Ander Laka in the 26th minute, concluding the first half with the result of 0-1.

After the break came the goal for the Vitoria team, who got the tie with a goal from Zannouti at 61 minutes. The Ondarrés team went ahead thanks to a goal from Jon lejardi at 70 minutes. Finally, the confrontation ended with a 1-2 on the scoreboard.

The technician of the Ariznabarra, Jonatan Torio, gave entry to the field to Martinez, Orobio Y Castilian replacing Zannouti, Sannadi and Ismael, while on the part of the Aurrera, Joseba Garcia replaced Meadow, Larrañaga Y Julen fernandez for Eñaut, Jon gabi Y Jon lejardi.

The match referee showed six yellow cards. Of the two teams, Molero, Valenzuela Y Jon aizpuru of the local team and Jon gabi, Josu Aldazabal Y Meadow The visiting team were booked with a yellow card.

With this result, the Ariznabarra he gets 20 points and the Aurrera it goes up to 30 points.

The next day the team from Vitoria will play at home against the Tolosa CF, Meanwhile he Aurrera Ondarroa He will seek triumph in his fiefdom in front of the Sodupe.

Data sheetAriznabarra:Guillermo Gonzalez, Molero, Euken Herrojo, Sannadi (Orobio, min.82), Hidalgo, Riverol, Jon Aizpuru, Zannouti (Martinez, min.74), Castillo, Ismael (Spanish, min.82) and ValenzuelaAurrera Ondarroa:San Miguel, Joni, Txus, Jon Burgoa, Jon Gabi (Larrañaga, min.67), Ander Laka, Jon Lejardi (Julen Fernandez, min.77), Josu Aldazabal, Barturen, Barrenechea and Eñaut (Pradera, min.67)Stadium:AriznabarraGoals:Ander Laka (0-1, min. 26), Zannouti (1-1, min. 61) and Jon Lejardi (1-2, min. 70)

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