Aura Cristina Geithner puts on a fishnet swimsuit and underneath she was wearing absolutely nothing

Aura Cristina Geithner He surprised his followers by sharing a photo on his Instagram stories where he appears in addition to smiling, wearing a fishnet swimsuit, very much in the style of Noelia. However, the famous actress and soap opera villain, under this piece was wearing absolutely nothing at all.

Obviously to avoid Instagram censorship, she left a couple of butterflies covering her breasts. The publication, on the other hand, is only to promote your account OnlyFans and call her followers to subscribe and it seems that on this platform she is willing to uncover her most daring and sensual side, letting her loyal fans see much more.

On Instagram for now, he continues to publish suggestive content. Videos and photographs where he calls for uninhibited sensuality.

But the invitation is clear. Even in this network she poses with lace lingerie and without padding, thus leaving practically nothing to the imagination and her fans do not complain, on the contrary. “Beautiful”, “Kisses”, “Linda”, “Wow my love, I love you, beautiful kisses”, say some of her fans when they see her appear on Instagram with these types of publications.

In the case of Noelia, she has been standing out in this social network for years with similar publications. That is why she has been the queen of stocking style leggings and swimwear similar to the one Aura Cristina Geithner exhibited.

In addition, the Puerto Rican is also on OnlyFans and promotes her platform in the same way as the actress. However, Noelia exceeds herself and goes above the rest of the famous in these posts.

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