Aunt Jemima syrup, pancake mix renamed Pearl Milling Company

PepsiCo Inc. changed the name of its Aunt Jemima line of pancakes and syrups to Pearl Milling Co., thus fulfilling its promise to eliminate a brand linked to racial stereotypes.

Products with the new name, which include pancake mixes, syrups, cornmeal and other products, will begin to appear on shelves in June, the snack and beverage giant said in a statement Tuesday. Until then, he will continue to use Aunt Jemima’s name, but not the character’s image.

The company agreed to phase out Aunt Jemima’s name last year, acknowledging that the 131-year-old brand was rooted in racist tropes. The new name has historical ties to the existing product line: Pearl Milling Co., founded in 1888, created the pancake mix that was later named Aunt Jemima.

When PepsiCo first announced its plans to rebrand in June, it also promised a $ 5 million commitment to support the black community. The rebrand is part of a broader initiative by consumer product companies to remove offensive names and images, in response to national protests against systemic racism.

To carry out the transition, the company’s Quaker Oats division “worked with consumers, employees, outside cultural and theme experts and various partner agencies to gather broad perspectives and ensure the new brand was developed with inclusion in mind. according to the statement.

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