August sounds like the release date of What If …?

Image from What If ...?  (2021)

Among the different projects that will arrive this year from Marvel Studios, undoubtedly one of the most interesting is his first contact with animation through “What If …?”, a Disney + series that will explore different key moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to see what would have happened had it happened under different circumstances. So, we will have Peggy Carter as Captain Britain instead of Steve Rogers as Captain America and T’Challa will be Star Lord, among many other things.

However, for now we do not have a specific release date beyond the summer window of 2021. Now, an Entertainment Weekly review of this season’s television premieres would have shed some more light on this issue. According to the portal, “What If …?” it would hit the streaming service in August of this year, with only about three months left.

The information provided by the medium in regards to the synopsis is not particularly new, but they share a snapshot of Captain Britain that we have already seen in low quality but is now shared in high definition. Other snapshots of that moment are seen in the official trailer released.

“What If …?” will feature Uatu, El Vigilante, taking us through different realities of the Marvel multiverse to relive moments from the movies with different versions. Virtually the main cast of Marvel Studios returns for this series and they are joined by Jeffrey Wright as Uatu.

Via information | Entertainment Weekly

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