August premieres on Netflix

We are going with the releases that throughout the month of August we will have available on Netflix.

We start with’Sweet girl‘, action thriller that will hit the streaming platform on Friday, August 20 and that has a cast led by the protagonist of’ Aquaman ‘, Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced (‘ Dora and the lost city ‘). The premiere of ‘Beckett‘, with John David Washington and Alicia Vikander, or’Alive‘, an animated musical from Sony Pictures Animation that will feature the starring voice of’ Hamilton ‘creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Regarding series, classics from our country arrive like‘Physical or chemical’,‘The intership’ or‘Boat’, as well as the first seasons of‘In the kitchen with Paris Hilton’,‘The director’ or‘S happy with Marie Kondo!’. In addition, new seasons of series such as‘Control Z’,‘Valeria’ or‘Good girls’ they will enliven us the month of vacations par excellence.

Here are the premieres of movies, series and documentaries that will arrive on Netflix next month:

August 3rd: ‘Pray Away: Pray and stop being gay’ (documentary film)
August 4th: ‘Control Z’ T2 (series)
August 4th: ‘In the kitchen with Paris Hilton’ (Serie)
6th August: ‘Alive‘(movie)
August 11: ‘My first kiss 3‘(movie)
August 13: ‘Valeria’ T2 (series)
August 13: ‘Beckett‘(movie)
17 of August: ‘The Kardashians’ T5 (series)
August 18th: ‘Memoirs of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes’ (documentary film)
20th of August: ‘The director’ (Serie)
20th of August: ‘Sweet girl‘(movie)
August 23rd: ‘The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare‘ (anime)
26 of August: ‘Edens Zero’ (anime)
August 27th: ‘Someone like him‘(movie)
August 31: ‘Good girls’ T4 (series)
August 31: ‘S happy with Marie Kondo!’ (Serie)
August 31: ‘Physical or chemical’ T1-T7 (series)
August 31: ‘The intership’ T1-T7 (series)
August 31: ‘Boat’ T1-T3 (series)

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