Horoscope of Pisces: what August 2020 has in store for you

Your projects can finally gain momentum. If you have not yet turned the page, rest assured that a door will open and that you will soon cross the threshold. Your ideas are renewed, with the desire to exploit them in a new sector of activity. You trade a lot this month. If the interviews seem trivial, your words are catching on, we will soon come back to you with an interesting proposal to submit to you. ⋙ Want to find out more predictions from Marc Angel? Consult the horoscope for Pisces in 2020 month by month

August 2020 horoscope for Pisces : our forecasts for work

If you are hoping for a mutation, the answer should be yes. The entrance to Venus in Cancer from August 8 play your business. Someone who cares is interceding on your behalf to help you achieve satisfaction. If the discussions drag on, rest assured, the tone never rises. We seek more to establish a win-win relationship than to engage in a balance of power. Alignment Saturn, Neptune, Pluto in Capricorn allows to formalize an agreement. Your wish to find a job has every chance of being fulfilled. You work in good conditions and have the best tools to act. Money comes and goes and comes back. Of course, you spend it, earn much more. Jupiter gives you the right tips to increase your income, combine activities and reduce costs. Transactions work to your advantage, just be sure to put everything in writing to avoid unpleasant surprises later. ⋙ Want more information about your career? Consult the work and money horoscope for Pisces 2020 by Marc Angel

August 2020 horoscope for Pisces : our forecasts in love

Not only do you receive a lot of invitations, but proposals are pouring in too. Your friendships can influence your social journey. Linking family and work is not impossible. In Capricorn, Jupiter forge links that are both sympathetic and useful. Count on your loved ones to enlighten you on your love choices. Their advice helps you take a step back and teach you how to protect yourself. The desire to go out and be entertained is gaining ground. Evenings are good pretexts to make contacts, and why not have a nice meeting. The proof that the return to passion and thrills is indeed there. Single, among the friends of your friends, maybe there is someone good with whom you will come a long way. And then there is the network. Virtual at the start, the exchanges very quickly become real, and even more promising. ⋙ Our astrologer also looked at your year from the heart. Discover thelove horoscope for Pisces in 2020 by Marc Angel

August 2020 horoscope for Pisces : our health forecasts

Your body doesn’t blame being constantly under pressure. Manage time so as not to act in a rush. Avoid any sudden gestures. Take care of your back so you don’t get stuck. Yet if Mercury in Virgo will shake you up from August 21, its influence can also help you withstand the shock, provided you channel your energy. Your resistance strength is an asset that you must use to overcome the obstacle. Rest with regular breaks, without apologizing for wanting to keep your toes fanned out. ⋙ Little hassle or great form? To know what your year will look like, just consult the health horoscope for Pisces 2020 by Marc Angel

Astrologer’s advice for August 2020

Current wife

Do not try to go faster than the music and calm those around you as soon as you are urged to step up. Your friend the Capricorn is a slow sign, the planets flying over it are heavy (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). Their influence dissuades you from pulling the rope without risking stressing. Do not hesitate to postpone a project until the next day if it does not seem urgent to you to deal with it. There’s no point in running, you have to start on time. ⋙ To plan the rest of the year, discover thehoroscope 2020: all our forecasts for Pisces

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