A dramatic audio, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed, reveals the latest communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller before the plane crashed in Pakistan. The recording is apparently heard when the pilot of the Pakistani plane reports that both engines stopped working. A US citizen was on the plane downed in Pakistan, a US official said.

A US citizen was on board the plane that crashed in Karachi, Pakistan, this Friday, a State Department official told CNN.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and we are in contact with local authorities,” said the official. “Our staff in Pakistan and here in the United States are working tirelessly to provide all possible consular assistance,” he added.

“We offer our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of all those affected. Out of respect for privacy, we have nothing more to add at this time, “he said.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crashed on Friday in the southern city of Karachi, Pakistan, according to Health Minister Azra Fazal.

The airline’s CEO said at a press conference that the flight that departed from Lahore carried a total of 99 people, including passengers and crew members, a number that authorities had first indicated was 107.

The plane did not hit any building when it crashed in a residential area, and no one on the ground appears to have been killed, PIA board vice president Air Marshal Arshad Malik told reporters in Karachi on Friday. The plane tried to land in one lane, he added.

At least 76 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of the Paksitán plane, according to a statement from the Sindh Health Department.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted on Friday afternoon that he was “shocked and saddened to learn of today’s plane crash in Karachi.”

“My prayers are with the dead and wounded, and their families,” he wrote. “The United States is with Pakistan during this difficult time.”

Two survivors confirmed after plane crash in Pakistan

Furthermore, one of the two survivors of the plane crash in Pakistan described to authorities how he escaped in flames after the fall following the pilot’s second landing attempt.

“All I could see was smoke and fire,” engineer Muhammad Zubair told Geo News, quoted by The Guardian. “I could hear screaming from all directions. Children and adults. All I could see was fire. I couldn’t see anyone, I just heard their screams, “he added.

“I opened my seat belt and saw some light. I went to the light. I had to jump about 10 feet to get to a safe place. “

Pakistan International Airlines’ Airbus plane with 99 people on board crashed in a busy residential district of the city of Karachi on Friday afternoon after trying to land twice at the airport.