Audi RS 5 Sportback Quattro: strength and beauty go hand in hand

Test Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron 40 quattro 2020 Audi won 43% less in the year of the great pandemic

I support that in these times it is essential to think about the environment, consume less fossil fuels (like Audi when it launches its new powerful electric models) and not impregnate the atmosphere with 218 grams of CO2 per kilometer. But…

We are facing a five-door saloon, cup, with a large trunk, almost familiar and powerful. One who is not addicted to gasoline or to the emotions that turn your guts between chills and chills, would be delighted to have a car like this Audi RS 5 Sportback QuattroTiptronic occasionally.

We have tested it for a few days and it ‘barely’ provides what matters most to me about a car: exterior elegance, interior comfort, general safety and, yes, great features (450 hp, 600 Nm of torque) from a V6 engine (Oh, the most circuitry would shout in disappointment as if a National Team striker were hitting the stick at an empty door) with two turbochargers and an operation that I will not explain to you better than this colleague who unravels the technical specifications of the two-door version here.

What matters most to me about all this engineering is that make sure the car does not get out of hand at any time Despite the fact that it can reach forbidden speeds and that gasoline consumption does not skyrocket either, which in a week of generally prudent but varied behavior does not exceed 9.2 liters per 100 km. Yes, giving him everything he asks for the 11 liters will fall short to quench your thirst.

That the speed is limited to 250 km / h seems correct. Because the Audi RS 5 Sportback is a sports car so, so elegant that it would seem rude to force it beyond (apart, of course, from the danger it poses for the cohabitants of the route and for oneself from a clinical and judicial point of view).

The RS 5 Sportback is a sports car fast, roaring and at the same time marvelously suited for leisurely journeys of four people at legal and sustained speed with unsurpassed comfort on highways and expressways. On very twisting roads it maintains the firmness of its structure almost without a hair moving from our bangs. Stability and smoothness of movement that I find unsurpassed and is ideal for those who do not want to sweat at the wheel even with the air conditioning at the lowest temperature. This visual description shows a great deal of detail.

The optional RS sport plus suspension and the system it deploys will be the sources of so much stability on board. Audi Sport explains that steel springs and three-stage shock absorbers are used connected by means of a hydraulic circuit and valves that, by controlling the oil flow in the shock absorber, eliminate swaying. Here I can attest to the result: perfect.

Within the driver’s reach, on the steering wheel, an RS Mode button is used to select the dynamic control systems, which is standard. RS1 and RS2 modes are programmed to suit the user and with the button on the steering wheel they are activated to taste. They can also be selected from the display with the MMI infotainment system slightly tilted towards the driver, the 25.6 centimeters or 10.1 inches. Combustion, transmission, damping, steering and even exhaust sound options can be chosen in the menu..

Sound detail brings sporty vibes closer to the driver’s heart. Anyone who misses the racing sensations will find a little piece of comfort in the acoustics of the engine.. But it is not an annoying music despite its forcefulness, at least from the inside. The looks it draws as it passes by with the roar seem more admiration than discomfort.

Because what is most striking in any case is its line cup at the end of its almost 4.8 meters in length, the exterior decorative elements or the rims which, in this case, are optional for 21 inches. Brbaras.

By lowering the roof to meet the rear window and tailgate, the Audi RS 5 Sportback could disable the larger rear-seated passengers for the pleasant ride, but it doesn’t. At 1.85 tall, any human has inches to spare on top, as well as legs and knees. The space has plenty of margins to feel at your leisure and the access to the rear seats is easier than in the front.

The seats with decoration of hexagonal rhomboid seams (honeycombs) are very comfortable and enveloping. The front seats with electronic adjustments in all directions put you in a very ‘racing’ position, with buttocks almost sensitive to asphalt and low crosshair. A beautiful driving position that does not lack detail and that in this unit had the projection of the signals, speed and, where appropriate, navigation on the windscreen: known as ‘head up display’ available in option.

East ‘Audi virtual cockpit plus’ It has a 12.3-inch screen and various settings, such as the one that indicates the inertial forces or simply the power and torque that are being displayed at the moment in one of the two RS modes.

The tiptronic automatic transmission smoothness combined with the permanent intelligent all-wheel drive it is a guarantee of pleasure at the wheel. If you also carry the sport differential that distributes engine torque between the rear wheels, another option, the feeling of effectiveness in almost any situation is accentuated. The gearbox can be actuated manually with a few beautiful, easy-to-use steering wheel paddles that have every reason. The icing on the cake for fun.

As well as sporty and well motorized, the interior acoustic comfort is high, the perception of the rolling or even the powerful engine is very light inside the Audi RS 5 Sportback and thus we can fully enjoy the Bang & Olufsen hi-fi speaker system, although it adds 1,145 euros to the price.

The options are very varied and useful, but logically they will make the initial price of the model, right now around 107,000 euros, to rise meteorically. But that already enters the field of the brand’s commercials and not of this journalist.

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