Christine Kuhlmeyer arrives as director of the Communication and Sustainability area of ​​Audi Mexico

The lijo car brand sold 12,309 cars in Mexico during 2019

The firm of the interlocking rings ranked third in the list of leading luxury car brands in the country

The group Volkswagen AG registers new movements in Mexico, this time it corresponds to Audi, the luxury car brand that will have a new board of directors.

Is about Christine Kuhlmeyer, who since this September has held the position as Director of the Communication and Sustainability area of ​​Audi México.

A high profile

Image: Christine Kuhlmeyer_director of the Communication and Sustainability area of ​​Audi Mexico

The executive will have as main objective lead the communication of the luxury car brand Through his global vision to create an effective strategy both inside and outside the company.

Kuhlmeyer He has extensive experience in the sector that will help give a new projection to Audi in Mexico, since he has extensive experience within the Volkswagen Group, « As well as a great commitment and passion for business and the automotive industry, » as stated by the German firm.

“It is a pleasure for Audi Mexico to announce the arrival of Christine Kuhlmeyer; With this addition, we will continue to communicate effectively both inside and outside the factory. (…) His experience in Mexico, together with his global vision, will be a key piece to strengthen our organizational structure. We are grateful to Alejandro Pliego, who was in charge of this area on an interim basis and who today takes up the Recruitment and Employee Engagement management full-time, ”said Niels Bosse, VW’s Vice President of Human Resources and Organization.

It should be noted that Kuhlmeyer has a degree in business administration, graduated from the German university of Justus Liebig Giessen and has studies at the London Business School.

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Audi Mexico data

It is one of the most important automotive brands in the country, not by sales volume, but by brand value. In this regard, it is worth noting that Audi’s brand strength score in Mexico stood at 60.6 percent, as of the third quarter of 2019, according to data from Insights 4 Less.

In this sense, it stands out that the signature of the interlocking earrings occupied third place on the list of leading brands of luxury cars in the country.

Regarding the behavior of Audi in sales, we must point out that it has maintained its position in the Mexican market, an example of this is that last year it sold a total of 12,309 cars, according to data from Inegi.

The numbers do not seem surprising, but it is positioned as the third Volkswagen AG brand with the highest number of veins in Mexico, behind Seat (24,314) and VW (143,649) cars.