Audi and Porsche will be in a meeting for the motors of F1 2025

While discussions with team leaders and engine supplier representatives have been ongoing for some time regarding future rules, tomorrow’s high-level meeting will consider the global landscape and what the major manufacturers of cars want from the F1.

The 2025 standards are expected to encourage new manufacturers, and specifically the Grupo VW, to enter the category, and one source described the meeting as a “last chance” to convince the German giant to finally commit.

Among the CEOs of the manufacturers that will participate in the meeting are John Elkann (Ferrari), Luca de Meo (Alpine/Renault) y Hello Kallenius (Mercedes), while the VW Group will be represented by the president of Audi and general director of R&D of the group, Markus Duesmann, and by the CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume.

Dietrich Mateschitz, whose Red Bull Powertrains division will use its own Honda engine-based power unit starting next season, has also been invited to attend.

They will also be present Stefano Domenicali Y Ross Brawn by F1, and Jean Todt by the FIA.

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The debate will revolve around the balance between combustion engines and hybrid power, and the role of sustainable fuels.

The entry of Red Bull as an engine supplier has added a new dynamic to the discussions, as the company has no reason to push for the technology used to have relevance in road cars and, obviously, it is even more interested than cars. manufacturers in maintaining development costs.

McLaren Team Principal, Andreas Seidl, whose team could be one of the possible candidates for a future partnership with VW / Audi, says that the final rules of 2025 will have to appeal to manufacturers.

“In the end I think it’s just important that whatever the next power unit regulation is, it has to be relevant in terms of technology,” he said when asked by about the 2025 engines.

“Because that’s key, to keep current manufacturers interested in F1, but also to attract new manufacturers. To figure out what it is in detail, honestly, I think it’s a question that should be addressed to the manufacturers that are involved.” .

However, Seidl stressed that for the moment the team is not looking beyond its current agreement with Mercedes: “First of all, with the commitment we have now, the partnership with Mercedes, we are more than happy and we are not looking for any changes to the respect”.

“Overall, I think for F1 it would be just good to be able to attract another manufacturer or a great brand. It would be a great sign for F1, and for the future.”

Outgoing FIA President Todt is looking forward to sustainable fuels making a quick introduction to F1.

“If we could introduce it today, I would love to do it today,” he said at the recent French GP. “That is one of the problems of F1, to get an agreement on something.”

“So for me, the sooner the better. And one thing is for sure, it won’t be behind 2025. But if we could introduce it earlier, I’d love to do it.”

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