Audax moves to 4.3% of its annual lows

Audax moves to 4.3% of its annual lows

Audax continues to implement its Strategic Plan worth 2.4 billion euros in investments and in which it plans to multiply its gross operating result, its Ebitda by 7. While its president, José Elías continues to diversify his investments. Just bought the frozen chain La Sirena for 100 million euros, which means that it is in addition to his position in Ezentis, which will be 70% and 30% of Atrys Health.

As to short positions, reach, at the moment, 5.51% of its capital, with an increase in the case of two bearish funds in this month of July. BNP Paríbas, reaches 0.5% and Citadel Europe 1.92%, the rest without news with Linden Advisors that owns a 1.18% decrease in the value, DE Shaw & Co. of London, 1.09 %, Polar Asset Management, 0.82%.

Its stock chart shows us that, with yesterday’s advance, it is moving away with more force from the lows, while it loses 1% per year. The value rescues the level of 1.90 euros per share while yielding slightly more than 1.29% since the beginning of the month of July.

Audax annual priceAudax annual price

Audax annual price

From the Investment Strategies pages, its president José Elías points out that “following the strategy of focusing on generation activity, Audax has announced this June the commissioning of the Carolinas I and II photovoltaic plants in the town of El Casar (Guadalajara) as well as the start of work on the El Toconal project located in the town of Los Navalmorales (Toledo).

“In addition to the start-up of the Carolinas I and II photovoltaic plants with a total power of 10 MWp, it should be noted that lto Cañamares photovoltaic plant in the town of Fontanar (Guadalajara), with a power of 5 MWp, It has already been operational for a few weeks, thus incorporating the energy produced into the grid and increasing the Group’s portfolio ”.

The president of Audax also highlights the role of its Strategic plan until 2026 “focused its projects on the generation of 100% renewable energy and the supply of 100% green electricity and gas mainly to the SME segment, guaranteeing an efficient supply of commercialized energy through a process of vertical integration with the activity of 100% renewable generation ”.

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From a technical point of view, the Investment Strategies premium indicators show us that Audax achieves, in bearish mode, a total score, revised with a downward cut of three points, of 2 total points out of 10 possible for the stock. Among the positives, the long-term volume, which is increasing, and volatility in its two aspects, medium and long-term as well, which is decreasing.

On the other side we see how the long-term trend is downward in the medium and long term, the total slow moment is negative for the value, to which it is added that the volume of business in the medium term is decreasing for Audax.

Audax premium indicators of value Audax premium indicators of value

Audax premium indicators of value

María Mira, fundamental analyst of Investment Strategies affirms that “based on a valuation by ratios and with an estimated EPS for the end of 2021 of € 0.07 / share, Audax is trading at a discount and therefore margin for improvement compared to its Main competitors. The market discounts a PER of 35v for Audax, compared to 51v for Solaria, 130v Solarpak and 43v Grenergy. By sales, the multiple of Audax is the most undervalued, at 0.72v, compared to 15.6 for Solaria, 6.42v for Solarpak and 5.75v for Grenergy ”.

The Ei expert also highlights that “Also due to Cash Flow the advantage is for Audax and EV / EBITDA also controlled under the 2021 forecast, around 15.7v for Audax, compared to 26.4v for Solaria, 20v Solarpak and 23v for Grenergy. In the comparison of the balance multiple, DFN / EBITDA the most robust is Audax, with 3.9v estimated for 2021, compared to 8.7v from Solaria, 5.45v from Solarpak and 5v from Grenergy. The dividend from Audax is modest but very significant. Based on our fundamental assessment, the recommendation is positive for the medium / long-term value ”.

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