Auction for ticket to travel to space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft approaches $ 3 million

The launch of the New Shepard spacecraft scheduled for July 20 is approaching and the auction to acquire the first ticket is already at $ 2.8 million.

Blue Origin will fly its first crew and is publishing on its website the highest amount offered so far for the first ticket of the symbolic journey into space.

The auction will take place in three phases. The first one held from May 5 to 19 received closed offers where the highest reached the figure of $ 1.4 million dollars.

The second, which is the one that will be in force from May 19 to June 10, registers up to today $ 2.8 million. It is an open phase although the name of the bidders is not known.

And the last auction will be held live on June 12. Bezos’s company notes that the amount of the winning bid will be donated to the Club for the Future foundation, “to inspire new generations to pursue careers in STEM and help invent the future of life in space,” says Blue. Origin.

The price of the remaining tickets has not been disclosed, but it is speculated that they could be around $ 200,000 or more, according to statements provided by people involved close to the Blue Origin space project.

Surely the information collected in this auction process will yield important data to determine the final figure for the remaining 5 tickets and those of subsequent trips.

And in the face of so much excitement, Blue Origin does not forget the issue of security and points out that it has been testing the New Shepard rocket and its security systems since 2012. The program has had 15 consecutive successful missions, including three emergency tests, showing that the crew’s escape system can be safely activated at any phase of the flight.

Travelers will live an experience that will last around 10 minutes:

– The ship will take off at the Blue Origin facilities in Texas.

– At 2 minutes Passengers will experience Mach 3+ speed.

– At minute 3 the capsule with the crew will separate from the rocket and the passengers will begin to feel the effects of weightlessness.

– At minute 4 the capsule will reach the Karman line, considered the edge of space at an altitude of 100 kilometers, where travelers will enjoy unsurpassed views of the planet.

– In minute 6 they will already be descending and returning to the atmosphere, recovering the gravitational interaction.

– At minute 9 the capsule parachutes will open.

– And approximately at minute 10 they will land close to where they took off and they will be awaited by Blue Origin staff to finish the mission.

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