Attractive tigress! Noelia surprises with tight outfit

Attractive tigress!  Noelia surprises with tight outfit (Instagram)

Attractive tigress! Noelia surprises with tight outfit | Instagram

The singer Puerto Rican Noelia managed to show all her attractiveness thanks to a video that she recently shared despite not showing much skin, she also captured the attention of her followers who were surely more than delighted to see her in a tight black outfit and long boots that made her look like a tigress.

Despite having more than five thousand publications on his official account of Instagram same in which it has around one million 400 thousand followers, Noelia she is always active and showing that each of her publications have the goal of surpassing the previous one.

In the video she shared about 4 hours ago, the interpreter of “Give me a reason“She is showing off her full black jumpsuit that has on the sides of her waist some necklines that further enhance this part of her figure, and it is very likely that you can find this garment on her page of Noelicious.

Noelia usually becomes her own model so she does not need to pay for advertising, which many other great celebrities do like her, as is the case with Kim Kardashian who continually when she launches a new product she is the one who stars in advertising and in In the event that another model appears, it is usually her own sisters.

The interesting thing about the video of the beautiful blonde singer is that she is wearing boots in the style of animal print, Noelia ended up looking like a fierce and daring feline.

When listening to the video you will be able to delight your ears with the sound of the waves of the sea, she herself mentions that for her it is something quite relaxing and that is the mere fact of being able to appreciate a beautiful sunset, especially in these complicated times caused by the pandemic.

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On several occasions we have seen Noelia appear on this balcony, only from another perspective, surely whoever has recorded her videos has done so from the door she was in in this new video.

The pretty and daring A model as well as a businesswoman is in a sliding door, which is open despite the fact that Noelia is only leaning slightly against the wall with her arms touching the door frame above her head.

With one of his legs slightly bent, he makes the pose he is in the most striking, with 4 hours since its publication the video has achieved more than 34 thousand reproductions and we hope that these will continue to increase during the following days.

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From what can be seen, this is one of the few times that Noelia shares a publication in which she appears wearing her figure without using transparencies, however, this is also quite striking thanks to the fact that the singer is an extremely attractive woman, so any item of clothing that you wear will stand out and take it to another level.

My love, you do not shine … You dazzle, “they commented.

It is more than certain that Noelia is used to receiving comments complimenting her beauty in addition to her talent, of course, with her 20-year career it is likely that she has a list of the favorite or perhaps the rarest comments she has received.

Among the comments that we find in the publication are several expressive only with emojis that in fact are quite graphic, in addition to the words that they tend to put declaring their love to the beautiful celebrity, Noelia has always been aware of her fans and tries to respond to them and be aware of them by sending greetings and returning a little of the love they have given you over the years.