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The social network has implemented various adjustments to its platform in order to improve the user experience, but that has meant that it also seeks to make it easier for companies and external developers to generate products for Twitter. In that sense, the company led by Jack Dorsey launched a new API with the aim of offering a new experience and access to functions that until now were inaccessible, such as survey results in Tweets, Tweets anchored in profiles, spam filtering and a search language, among other data.


The program # MovilizaciónPorElEmpleo, promoted by Grupo Adecco México in which around 22 national chambers and associations such as the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry participate, was presented. The initiative aims to offer training and jobs throughout the country, promote the reactivation of the economy and formal employment. It is a program that Grupo Adecco has active in various countries in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


The Menlo Park company continues to seek ways to combat the spread of fake news and misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic. In that sense, it will begin to show users a new pop-up every time a user shares a link to content about COVID-19. The goal is to give people first access to a link to the company’s coronavirus clearinghouse and will include details about how old the item was and when it was first shared.


AT&T appears to be undergoing a deep restructuring at Warner Media as not only were cuts recently announced at the executive level and appointing a new boss for HBO Max, it emerged on Wednesday that
Crunchyroll, the anime streaming platform, could be sold to Sony. According to a report by The Information, which cites sources close to AT&T, the talks between the two companies already exist and the amount of the transaction could be close to 1.5 billion dollars.

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