Atrys Health acquires 100% of the shares of Radio-Onkologie Amsler

Atrys Health International, SAU (a company 100% owned by Atrys Health, SA) has proceeded to carry out the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the Swiss company Radio-Onkologie Amsler AG, (“ROAG”) as provided in the Inside Information communication on February 24, 2021, as announced by BME Growth.

ROAG is a Swiss company founded in 2003 that offers radiotherapy treatments for cancer pathologies and has two centers, one of them in Liestal and the other in Allschwil.

ROAG is the main private radiotherapy operator in the area and performs more than 800 treatments per year. The company has two TrueBeam linear accelerators from Varian Medical Systems. Atrys hopes to take advantage of the space available in ROAG’s radiotherapy centers to complement the offer of radiotherapy treatments with new oncology diagnosis and treatment services.

The operation positions Atrys in Basel (Switzerland) one of the main European hubs at the pharmaceutical industry level. In the financial year 2020, ROAG has had a turnover that amounts to CHF 6.3 million (Swiss francs). The founder and current CEO of the company, Dr. Amsler, has agreed to continue leading the company until the end of fiscal year 2021. The transaction price includes payment in cash and payment in Atrys shares that will entail the issuance of 172,493 Atrys shares at a price of 9.05 euros per share.

This acquisition is part of the strategy followed by Atrys for its oncology division and which aims to create a network of reference centers for high-precision radiotherapy at the European level and provide the company with the critical mass necessary to be able to centralize the planning of high precision treatments and advance the research and development of new hypofractionated radiotherapy treatments.

To finance the acquisition of ROAG, the Alternative Fixed Income Market of BME (MARF) today registered the second bond issue under the “Fixed Income Program of Atrys Health Internacional, SAU 2020” (the “Bonus Program”) for a nominal amount of 20 million euros, thus leaving the entire 50 million euros of said Bond Program available.

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The extension of the issue has been subscribed to a total price of 102.80411%, which allows Atrys to lower its financial cost in accordance with its corporate progress and with the solid support of an increasingly broad and diversified group of Public and Private Investors. The bonds issued are considered fungible with the rest of the securities issued under the Bond Program.

The Bonus Program it has a credit rating (“rating”) issued by AXESOR (a rating agency accredited by ESMA at European level) of BB with a stable trend.

Atrys has received requests to subscribe for bonds well above the issue amount. The following entities have participated in the process:

EBN Banco, as global coordinator and underwriter, as well as agent bank.

Renta 4, as an underwriter.

Norgestion, as Registered Advisor.

Gómez Acebo y Pombo, as legal advisor to the global coordination.