In the framework of the measures that are being carried out in banks due to the economic difficulties caused by their limited operation due to compulsory quarantine, it was decided increase the amount of withdrawal at ATMs to at least 15 thousand pesos.

As announced, the new provision covers all users, whether or not they are customers of the bank where they decide to withdraw the money.

“Financial institutions must arbitrate the means so that all human and legal persons can make withdrawals for an amount that, at least, reaches the sum of $ 15,000 -accumulated daily-, regardless of their status as clients (or not) of the financial entity that owns the device in which the operation is carried out and the network that administers it, ”informed the monetary authority.

In recent weeks, among other measures to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus, the banks raised the cash withdrawal limit that customers can use at ATMs, in some cases up to 35 thousand pesos. Specifically, the banks Nación, Patagonia, Francés, Hipotecario, Itaú, HSBC and ICBC raised the ceiling to $ 30,000; Banco Provincia and Macro set it at $ 20,000; Galicia and City, $ 25,000; and Santander, $ 35,000, with prior authorization for “online banking”. Some of these entities set even higher ceilings for their “premium” clients.

Meanwhile, details are finalized for banks to reopen next week. The decision was made after the crowds and chaos that occurred last Friday, when pensions and social benefits began to be paid after being closed for two weeks. The BCRA, the banks and the La Bancaria union agreed on basic safety and hygiene measures so that this flexibility does not imply a greater risk, both for users and employees.

To be able to attend the branches from next April 13, customers must take a shift online. Through Communication A6958 the monetary entity that presides Miguel Pesce yesterday ordered that “financial institutions must open their operating houses to serve the general public –except for window service– from Monday April 13, 2020 to Friday April 17, extending the workday by two hours regular customer service according to the jurisdiction in question. ” That is to say, that in most cases they will attend from 10 to 17 hours.

The service schedule will be as follows, according to the termination of the ID of the people and the CUIT of the companies: Monday 0 and 1; Tuesday 2 and 3; Wednesday 4 and 5; Thursday 6 and 7 and Friday 8 and 9.