Atltico de Madrid: El Atltico plans the renovation of Felipe

Updated 07/21/2021 – 21:26

Although Atltico is immersed in the creation of the squad that defends its status as League champion and that mainly involves the hiring of a striker (the dream and great objective is the return of Griezmann) and what the possible exits may hold (although Salt is the most notorious there are many open fronts regarding the future of Arias, Nehun Prez, Vrsaljko…), the Sports Directorate that heads Andrea Berta nor does he neglect what happens beyond the summer. In fact, with practically the entire squad tied up in the medium or long term, the first contacts have already been initiated to avoid that next January there will be players who can sign freely with another club. It is the case of Philip.

Despite the fact that in the summer of 2019 there were voices that were suspicious of the man called to succeed a myth like Godn As much for the 20 kilos that had to be paid to Porto, as for his unknown trajectory in Europe beyond Portugal or for the 30 springs with which he signed his three seasons of connection with the Atltico, Felipe would not take long to shut up. In the season of his premiere he would end up as the best center-back of the team and in the next he would confirm why the selection of Brazil begin to enlist it for each call. Hence, neither Berta nor Simeone have doubts about the convenience of not letting a central defender escape who has performed at the height of such an important position in the technician’s idea.

Thus, the sports director has already maintained the first contacts with Felipe’s agent, Giuliano Bertolucci, in order to extend his contract beyond 2022. Although the details have not been specified, the normal thing would be that the agreement with the 32-year-old central defender would be sealed until 2023, following the policy that Atltico usually applies with the players that they are over thirty. In fact, these first conversations pursued the objective of knowing the predisposition of the parties, who have shown an understanding that will crystallize in the signing of the agreement.

Felipe, on the way to free an extra-community place

Another factor that, although it has not been decisive, adds arguments to Felipe’s renewal is that the central processing dual nationality, which will free up an extra-community place in the Attic. An issue that is not trivial, because today it is what prevents, for example Nehun Prez, from getting a place in the squad.

However, the obtaining of Portuguese nationality by Felipe after three years serving in Porto not expected to occur immediately. It is true that the central office has already started the procedures several months ago, but the times of the bureaucracy are inscrutable. Of what there is no doubt is that by the time the footballer begins to fulfill the new contract that is already being cooked, he will do so as a community.

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