Atltico de Madrid: Cerezo: “As far as I know, there is no negotiation for Griezmann”

Enrique Cerezo meets the team ahead of the first preseason game against him Numancia in El Burgo de Osna. Before starting the game, The president of Atltico de Madrid wanted to clarify the doubts of the possible exchange of players with the Football Club Barcelona, specifically with the ‘return’ of Griezmann and the output of Salt guez to the blaugrana team.


“There are two important things, first that Griezmann is a Barcelona player at the moment. Second, it was a misinterpretation for me to say that Griezmann’s arrival was not going to be okay. Don’t mean to say that, all the contrary rather. “We don’t know if Griezmann He is going to continue at Bara and I can’t tell you if the millions of Atltico de Madrid fans are going to like him to come back or not. The expression was not that, I am not saying that it was manipulated but I did not mean that. I was in a rush to get to an act and it must be that I misunderstood the question. I like that all the good players are in the Atltico de Madrid. “

Possible arrivals

“We have a magnificent team and I remind you that we are the champions of the League. We have all the members of the last season and the incorporations have been very good for us with the arrivals of Marcos Paulo and De Paul. Then those who join later are welcome.

Salt guez

“Sal is a player for Atltico de Madrid, very loved by everyone and by the fans and who has a contract with us.”


“In all negotiations there is always a strategy, I don’t know if there is any negotiation right now with the strategy that we are taking but if there is any Gil Marn does not know of any negotiations either because he would have told me about it.. “

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