Atlético, pending its Olympians

Atlético de Madrid
will have a large representation in the JJ.OO. from Tokyo that start this coming Friday. In total, the mattress team will have four representatives, three in the female field and one in the male.

Merel Van Dongen, Ludmila da Silva Y Hedvig
Lindahl have been summoned by their national coaches to contest the Olympic Games from Japan. The first with Countries
garlic, the second with Brazil and the archer with Sweden.

In addition, the male representation will be personified in Nehuén
Perez, summoned with Brazil.

Although Games
Olympics They will start on Friday, in the case of women’s football it will be this Wednesday July 21, with the first match in which the rojiblancas will be present.

The first to start will be the girls from the Athletic. Brazil will play before China in the Miyagi Stadium (10.00 Spanish time). Also in this scenario, Countries
Low will be measured at Zambia (13.00 hours). Finally, Sweden will play against USA in the Tokyo stadium (10.30 am).

On the second day, which will be played on July 24, Van dongen Y Ludmila they will face each other in the Brazil-Netherlands in a clash that will be played in the Miyagi Stadium. While Lindahl will have to be measured at Australia. On July 27, the first phase with the clashes will close New Zealand-Sweden, Brazil-Zambia and the Netherlands-China.

In the case of Nehuén, its premiere will be in front of Australia, also this July 21. Then it will be measured at Egypt the 25 already Spain the 28th.

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