Atlético pays for its racanería

The Atlético de Madrid was defeated 0-1 against Chelsea in Bucharest in a game in which they locked themselves in again to defend the initial scoreboard and the play went wrong for Simeone and the colchoneros, who will now have to go back to overcome the Chilean goal of Olivier giroud to Stamford Bridge.

Bucharest, where the legend of the Cholo Simeone With his first title as coach of the mattress team, he hosted this meeting due to the restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Athletic had to face this tie playing outside his stadium, but the National Arena of the capital of Romania served as the local field. The turn, in Stamford Bridge, March 17.

Simeone He surprised with his lineup, quite offensive, although he did not vary with that tactic that has characterized him this season with three centrals and two lanes. On the axis of the rear were Felipe, Savic and Hermoso and in the bands Thomas Lemar and Marcos Llorente. Ahead of them, Koke and Saúl on the double pivot and on the sides Correa and Joao Félix. As a man more advanced, in point, Luis Suarez. Oblak, obviously, completed eleven of the Atlético de Madrid.

The first minutes, in the typical trial and error, the mattresses felt more at ease. They produced in the first minute a yellow card to Mason Mount, which brought down Joao Felix, so it will not be in the party of Stamford Bridge. Those of Thomas tuchel They had it very clear from the beginning and followed that premise throughout the game: if the Athletic He tried to get out with the ball played, they stopped them with a foul.

Back to the old ways

In those minutes of comfort came the few dangerous occasions that Simeone’s created. First, Mendy badly controlled a ball and SaulWhen he took it off, he was unable to push the leather to the bottom of the net. It was after Lemar the one who could not push a ball that had recovered to the back of the goal Luis Suarez on the right wing. So far the occasions of Athletic in the first act. And although the Chelsea dominated and forced all the mattress players, except Suarez, to play behind the ball, the Londoners did not excessively bother Jan Oblak.

The Chelsea He focused his attacks on his right wing to take advantage of the lack of defensive reliability of Thomas lemar, but always any center or combination would end up crashing or being repelled by the rear of the Atlético de Madrid. The clearest for the blue outfit came from the feet of Marcos Alonso or one of Werner after throwing a straw at Savic in an excellent maneuver, but both ran into the Slovenian goalkeeper of the Athletics.

The Athletic I only aspired to steal a ball and go against it, but they always received those fouls or lost the balls. Joao Felix He did not appear despite being called to shine in this type of game as he did last August against the Leipzig. In the London team stood out Jorginho, eating all the red-and-white spinal cord by himself. The ex of Naples He was at the helm of the game of his own and tried to filter those passes with which to create a clear scoring opportunity, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not prevent the intermission with 0-0 on the electronic score.

Seven matches in a row fitting

The second half had the same script as the first 45 minutes. The Athletics enclosed without leaving a gap to Chelsea, running the risk of suffering a small slip that would give the London team a clear opportunity. Despite giving the ball away, Joao Felix He could show off with a spectacular Chilean, but his attempt went to the second amphitheater of the National Arena in Bucharest. Felix brych showed yellow to Llorente after a grab he had to do when he had lost a silly ball and then another to Jorginho, who stopped Joao Felix when he went alone, following that premise of the first act. The Brazilian-born midfielder will also not be able to be on the return leg.

After this, on the 70 ′ came the controversial play of the game. Against the Chelsea, center and Mount and Beautiful they fight the divided ball. From the images it seems that the English midfielder touches her and the leather reaches her Giroud, which is outlined and makes a beautiful Chilean, things as they are, to beat Oblak. The offside was initially indicated, but after more than four minutes of reviewing Felix brych They indicated that there was a shot that did not admit doubts in which Hermoso was seen touching the ball, so he decided to consider the French forward’s goal as valid.

He tried to react the Atlético de Madrid and he added the courage that he lacked in all the previous hour. In 80 ′ Simeone made the first changes: they entered Dembélé, Torreira and Lodi for Joao Félix, Saúl and Correa. Until two minutes later he entered Vitolo for Mario Hermoso, just after what could have been the second goal of the Chelsea Yes Oblak does not get to put a saving hand before a spanking of Timo Werner. Not even the six minutes of addition were enough for the Athletic achieved the miracle. Miracle that they will need to overcome the tie at the stadium Chelsea, something that the rojiblancos, incomprehensibly on the part of the UEFA allowing this, they have not been able to do in the Metropolitan.