Atlético Pantoja, Rayados’ rival, arrives with five months without playing an official match

The Rayados del Monterrey will make their debut in the Concacaf Champions League this Thursday, April 8, when they face the Athletic Pantoja in the first leg of the round of 16. Rival who has a long period of inactivity, since they have not played an official match for five months.

In an interview for “the RG”, Matias Mazmud, coach of the Athletic Pantoja, revealed that they have had some friendly encounters during this period of time, in preparation for their duel against the Striped.

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“We had a game against a Second team from Peru, two Ascent teams from the Dominican Republic and a team from the League (Dominican), we did well”

The last official match that Atlético Pantoja played was on November 7, 2020, against O&M University, which they ended up losing 2-0.

This inactivity occurred because the start of the season in the Dominican Republic league had to be postponed due to Covid-19 and will begin until April 17.

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