Atlético Mineiro defeats América in a match interrupted by gases

05/14/2021 at 05:42 CEST


The America fell as a local 1-3 this Thursday before him Athletic Mineiro in the fourth day of Group H of the Copa Libertadores, a game marked by the tear gas amid the riots outside the Romelio Martínez de Barranquilla stadium, which forced to stop the game on at least 7 occasions. In the streets adjacent to the sports arena, hundreds of people came to demonstrate, as they did the day before for the match between Junior and River Plate, against the holding of these matches and the Copa América, which Colombia organizes together with Argentina and which starts in a month.

With the result of this Thursday, the Brazilians secured a spot in the round of 16 by accumulating ten points, while the Colombians are last with one point and have minimal chances of qualifying, since with two games to go they are six units from Cerro Porteño, which is second.

The team that Cuca directs opened the scoring in the 21st minute when Argentine ‘Nacho’ Fernández sent a cross so that Hulk, with an accurate header and with the complicity of a Joel Graterol who did not respond forcefully, sent the ball to the back of the net.

However, the hosts equalized three minutes later in a great play that Rafael Carrascal started with a deep pass to the winger. Santiago Moreno, who with a hitch and his characteristic speed, got rid of a rival and took a shot that was impossible to stop for Everson.

While the game was being played, the gases reached the court several times and the referee Andrés Cunha was forced to suspend the game for nine minutes because the situation was occurring very frequently and was affecting all the people who were on the court. The Uruguayan referee allowed the players of both teams to take shelter in the dressing rooms, because on the outskirts of the stadium there were clashes between the Police and the protesters that lasted throughout the match, played in the midst of the social crisis that the country is experiencing. Andean. The match resumed nine minutes later, despite the visible annoyance shown by the players of both teams, and the first half ended at minute 60. On Wednesday, in the match that the Argentine River Plate and Junior de Barranquilla, the tear gas fired by the authorities in the adjacent streets reached the field and forced the game to stop for two minutes.

After a break of almost half an hour, the teams returned to the field and the Brazilians took the lead in the 54th minute with a goal from the winger Guilherme Arana, who delivered an impossible-to-stop long-distance left foot for Graterol. The Brazilians, led by a hyperactive Hulk, had opportunities to increase the advantage but they found the barrier that was this Thursday the goal Graterol.

In the final minutes and with the rope around their necks, the Scarlets tried to equalize and could not tie. In one of the last plays, the American center-back Kevin Andrade was expelled for double warning and then the Chilean Eduardo Vargas, with a pass from Diego Tardelli, sealed the final 1-3 in the 96th minute.

The game ended up overshadowed by the social situation that marked the process and the pace of the game. On the next round, Atlético Mineiro will visit Cerro Porteño, while América will host Deportivo La Guaira.

Olimpia revives by winning in La Paz

The Olympia Paraguayan showed this Thursday that he is alive in the Copa Libertadores with a 1-2 win in the 3,640 meters of altitude of La Paz over the Bolivian champion Always ready and what left all teams in group B matched with 6 points after four days. The Brazilian International heads the row, Always marches in second, Olimpia is third and Deportivo Táchira closes. The goals of the Paraguayan team were scored today by Walter González in the 23rd minute and Alejandro Silva in the 93rd minute. The discount for the Bolivians led by the Argentine Omar Asad came in the 42nd through Rodrigo Ramallo.

The game started open in search of the goals, although it was the locals who took the initiative with projections from Bolivian Juan Carlos Arce and some incisive counterattack from Olimpia. However, that was the anticipation of the intentions of the Paraguayan squad, which in the 23rd minute opened the account after a brilliant overflow from Iván Torres and a header that Gonzalez got into goal.

After the goal, the Bolivian champion turned to the attack by incursions mainly by the left side of Jorge Flores although leaving his defense exposed, something that Hugo Quintana did not take advantage of, who failed a heads up against goalkeeper Carlos Lampe.

The insistence of Always Ready had its reward in the 42nd minute after a corner kick and a rebound in the Bolivian Rodrigo Ramallo who sneaked into Alfredo Aguilar’s arch.

In the second half, Always Ready rearmed their attack scheme with a Fernando Saucedo that bothered Aguilar with medium-range shots, one of them even hitting the crossbar.

The final stretch was of high voltage with chances for both teams and with the visiting goalkeeper Aguilar decisive to stop a sung goal. Nevertheless, Silva He sentenced this round-trip duel in the 93rd minute after an error in the Always Ready start with another attack on the left side, a formula that was the mainstay of the two goals of the Paraguayan team in the 3,640 meters of altitude of the Hernando stadium Siles from La Paz.

Vélez Sarsfield takes second place in group G from the Quito League

The Velez Sarsfield Argentine, led by Mauricio Pellegrino, beat him this Thursday by 3-1 to the Quito League of Ecuador in the fourth day of group G of the Copa Libertadores and was second and in the qualifying zone with two dates remaining for the end of the first phase. The first goal of the match was made at 45 minutes by Thiago Almada, who had previously missed a penalty. The second was the work of Lucas Janson at 69 minutes and the third by Federico Mancuello at 93. The Uruguayan Matías Zunino discounted at 78.

The Brazilian Flamengo leads with ten points, now followed by Vélez with six. Liga de Quito is third with four points and Unión La Calera is fourth with two.

At 4 minutes, the Ecuadorian defender José Quintero wanted to reject a ball within his own area, but instead of hitting the ball he hit Janson and committed a penalty. Almada took over the shot, but his shot hit the post and the visiting team breathed a sigh of relief.

Vélez took over the ball and had a possession that was close to 70% during the first half, but failed to transform it into dangerous plays. The offensive midfielder Agustín Bouzat, who played wide open on the right of the attack, was the only one who managed to disturb the local defenders a bit, who defended themselves very close to their own area. However, Fortín reached the goal in the 45th minute when Janson overflowed on the right and sent a center back with which Almada scored with a first-rate shot.

Liga de Quito came out to play the second half with a different attitude and was close to the draw, but Pellegrino sent Ricardo Centurión to the field, who two minutes later threw a cross from the right, after a team play that included several short passes, which Janson he headed to make it 2-0.

The Ecuadorians went with determination in search of the discount and they got it after 78 minutes, when Zunino, who had entered shortly before, grabbed a loose ball in the area and scored the 2-1.

At 87 the visitors were left with ten because it was Argentine Ezequiel Piovi expelled, who had entered in the second half.

Already in the added time, Mancuello He took advantage of a gross error in the visitors’ exit to score the final 3-1.

On the fifth matchday, to be played on May 19, Vélez will host Unión La Calera and the Ecuadorians will visit Flamengo.

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