Atlético is “prepared for the return of spectators” against Osasuna

05/12/2021 at 5:05 PM CEST


Atlético de Madrid anticipated this Wednesday what the distribution of tickets would be like in the match next Sunday against Osasuna in the event that the Government authorizes the return of the public to the stadiums, and explained that it is “prepared for the return of spectators, since He has been working on this possibility for months with different scenarios “.

“For the club this would be the best way to end the season, with our fans flying the team in the last home game. During the campaign, the team has felt the support of everyone despite the distance, so, although it cannot be with a full Metropolitan Wanda, nothing better than hearing the chants and shouts of encouragement from the athletic fans to put the finishing touch to the season in our house “, he valued.

“As there is hardly time left for said match, and given the numerous questions received,” the club issued a statement to explain “How would the procedure for the distribution of localities be in the hypothetical case that the Government finally authorizes the presence of the public for said party “.

In that sense, the club assured that “90 percent of the capacity allowed by the authorities will go to club members and supporters, with the remaining 10 percent being reserved to meet the obligations that the club has with sponsors and collaborating companies, as well as meet the demand of other groups such as the board of directors, institutions, players and coaching staff of the first team, Association of Legends and employees”.

“Members who would like to attend this game must register in advance and request a ticket through the club’s website. Registration would not open until the club had the definitive authorization and we would know the capacity really available “, explained Atlético, which would assign” half of the tickets destined for members by membership number, giving priority to those who are older, “and the other half “will be raffled between the partners to which it would not have corresponded “entrance.

In addition, Atlético reported that will “give away” those “tickets to its members, as a gesture of gratitude for the support received in these months in which they have not been able to attend the games “, with which” they will not have to pay anything to attend “this meeting, and remarked that” they will be nominative and non-transferable, not They can be used in no case by a person other than the owner “.

In any case, the club recalled that “This whole procedure” will not be launched “until the Government makes the final decision and do not inform the clubs of the authorized capacity for each stadium and other restrictions. “

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