Atlético did not shoot between the three sticks

The Atlético de Madrid did not shoot at goal between the three sticks in the entire first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League against him Chelsea at the Bucharest National Stadium, according to official UEFA statistics, which also show that he completed half the passes of his rival and that he only made nine fouls for the 21 of the English team.

The team of Diego Simeone, subject to an absolutely conservative plan, it was harmless. His game transmitted it and the numbers reveal it: 6 attempts on the opposite goal, none of them between the three sticks, three outside the frame and three blocked, that is to say that they did not finish even in the intended direction.

Chelsea looked for him almost twice as many times as him: 11. Of them, five were between the three sticks, including the Chilean goal of Olivier giroud after game time, three finished out and as many were blocked. Mendy, the goalkeeper of the English club, did not stop; Jan Oblak, from Atlético, starred in four.

The rojiblanco team also lost in possession (41 percent to 59 percent of his opponent); in the distance traveled (104,470 meters to 104,905), and widely in the passes: he proposed 396 for the 696 of his opponent, but completed less than half that he (289 to 589) and with 12 points less correct, between 73 his percent and Chelsea’s 85 percent.

Likewise lthe difference in fouls, between the 21 committed by Chelsea and the nine by Atlético.