The Argentine Germán ‘Mono’ Burgos announced this Wednesday that at the end of this season he will leave Atlético de Madrid to start his career as head coach, after ten years with Diego Pablo Simeone, with whom he has won seven titles carrying the ‘slate ‘, the management of strategy plays.

Burgos (Mar del Plata, Argentina, 1969), who as goalkeeper defended the arches of Ferro Carril Oeste and River Plate in Argentina, and Mallorca and Atlético in Spain, will close an eight-and-a-half-year career as second manager of this season. the Madrid entity.

During his time as a rojiblanco goalkeeper, he was charismatic, arrived at the hand of Luis Aragonés – who took him from Mallorca to the Madrid team, then in the Second Division, to accompany him on his return to the elite – the ‘Mono’ was the image of the return from ‘hell’, in that advertisement in which he came out of a sewer, announcing that the rojiblanco team was back.

Two more years at Atlético were the epilogue to his career as a goalkeeper, but not the end of his passion for soccer. Separated a few years by rock’n roll -he released four albums with his band ‘The Garb’, three while he was still playing-, the poison of the ball led him to train as a coach and start a small adventure in the Carabanchel, of the Madrid Preferente , which lasted seven days.

Less than a year later, in 2011, he received a call from Simeone to accompany him on his first European adventure, in Catania (Italy). Since then he has been for a decade the most faithful companion of Simeone, first in Italy, then in the Rácing de Avellaneda in Argentina, and since December 2011 in Atlético, a stage in which they have led him to his best moment in history


Seven titles, among them the entity’s first league in 18 years or the Copa del Rey won in 2013 against the eternal rival, Real Madrid, at his home at the Santiago Bernabéu; two Europa Leagues, as many European Super Cups and one Spanish. And two great disappointments: the two defeats against Real Madrid in the 2014 and 2016 Champions League finals, disappointments that put Atlético in the international showcase.

Two of those titles came thanks to the section that the ‘Mono’ Burgos cultivated with care in this Atlético: the plays of strategy starting from the throws to set pieces. With a corner kick, initially rejected and re-hung by Koke Resurrección for the arrival at the first post of the Brazilian Joao Miranda, Atlético won the Copa del Rey at the Bernabéu (1-2). With a header from Uruguayan Diego Godín to serve Gabi Fernández, Atlético tied at Camp Nou to win the League (1-1).

An art that Simeone trusted in the ‘Mono ‘to turn it into a fundamental weapon of Atlético in his early years, the one that had splendid headlines such as Raúl García, Godín or Miranda.

Subsequently, the arrival of other players with other virtues, such as the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, changed the way of scoring for Atlético molded by the pair of ‘Cholo’ and ‘Mono’. Not so his way of defending: numantina, marked by two very close lines of four footballers and characterized by a collective operation in which Burgos has also been very important.

In each session separated by lines, the exporter was in charge of working the defense, which has its mark. He has also been for eight years the most fun face of the rojiblanco coaching staff, unmistakable with his cap and raincoat even when the radiant sun shone in the rojiblanca sports city, and a particular type, able to remember his farewell to both leaders and players as the gardener or the person in charge of cleaning. “I consider them as peers, because they put their hearts at the service of the club,” he said when announcing his departure.


“With more than ten years of experience in the first division, I am able to lead a team,” Burgos explained in the video in which he made official a rumor that had been circulating for months around the rojiblanco team: that the Mar del Plata coach wants fly alone, take responsibility for a team in front.

Burgos himself admitted that “everyone” in the rojiblanca squad had realized that he was “going to take the step”, even though he had not shared it with the entity’s players. “I think they are going to accept it well, because it is something that they are going to go through, at some point they are going to try to pursue a dream,” he added.

It may be that with that objective in the chamber of “chasing a dream”, Burgos was no longer part of the group renewal that Atlético agreed with Simeone and his coaching staff in February 2019 until June 2022, a photo in which the assistant coach Nelson Vivas, goalkeeping coach Pablo Vercellone and physical trainer Óscar Ortega, but not Burgos.

Then it was said that the se Monkey ‘was negotiating individually, but this Wednesday it was confirmed that he thought more about flying solo. His compatriot Nelson Vivas, already assistant coach, will assume his position and the free space in the ranking could be for the ex-rojiblanco captain Gabi Fernández.

The ‘Mono’ will leave next season, but he did not want to announce it without indicating what is the objective for what remains of it, which will resume for Atlético on June 11 in San Mamés: the classification to the Champions League of the next year and the title in this edition, in which the rojiblanco team is in quarters after eliminating the champion, Liverpool.

“I am a pursuer of dreams. The time, the desire and the passion that I have to be champion of the Champions League will not be enough for me, “said the ‘Mono’, who yearns for the last service of his board to Atlético to be to bring the ‘orejona’, that trophy that the entity escaped him three times in its history and that would be an exceptional epilogue for his time on the Atletico bench.