Atlético de Madrid paid transfer for Luis Suárez to Barcelona

The signing of Luis Suarez will bring tail to Atlético de Madrid. According to Sport, which claims to have had access to the document of his transfer, the mattress club would have paid the Barça a fixed economic compensation for his transfer and not free as was made public at the beginning at the end of October. It was from all fronts, both from the capital and Barcelona, ​​that it had been a gift from the Barcelona to the Athletics, which had not cost Madrid a penny and which only included several payments based on objectives that could be achieved by the six million euros.

But the information from the Catalan newspaper suggests that the Athletic of Madrid payment five millions of euros fixed by the transfer of Luis Suarez and yes there were those six million euros variable that depended on certain objectives that the charrúa had to achieve based on parties and achievements. In total, the transfer of Suarez could rise up to 11 million euros, very different from the version that initially transcended and the gift tag that was placed on it.

Although based on his performance, current top scorer in the championship and an important part of the Atlético de Madrid Walk leading, you can still qualify as a gift, the 11 million euros that the mattress club could end up paying for the Uruguayan have a reason.

Since the Barça communicated to Luis Suarez his desire to get rid of him, news that caused great discomfort to the Uruguayan due to the forms of communication of the news and the push towards an unexpected goodbye from the club, the player made a clear and concise decision that if he left the entity it should be at zero cost. The striker still had one year left on his signed contract, until the end of this season and if the club wanted him to leave, they had to give him all possible facilities so that it was after the performance provided to the entity since his arrival.

Leaving for free was for Suarez an indispensable requirement. His departure was completely dissatisfied with the entity, but he accepted the decision and looked for a feasible alternative. The threat with his signing for Juventus opened wide the doors to Atlético de Madrid. Negotiations between the two clubs flowed and an agreement was quickly found between clubs that from the outside pleased the player and from the inside showed the Catalans’ desire to receive a fairly fair price for the scorer.

“The FC Barcelona and the Atlético de Madrid have reached an agreement for the transfer of the player Luis Suarez. The Madrid team will pay FC Barcelona 6 million euros in variables. FC Barcelona publicly expresses its gratitude to Luis Suárez for his commitment and dedication and wishes him good luck and success in the future ”, this was the statement made public by the Catalan club when the player’s transfer was announced and that he did not comply with the reality of the operation.

The six million in variables

Barça Y Athletic they covered the accounts of their negotiation to satisfy the Uruguayan. The five million fixed euros have already been entered into the culés coffers, money that Suárez was unaware of, and part of the variables has also been paid. The six million euros in variables were divided into three assumptions. If the player came to play 20 games with the red-and-white elastic, they had to pay the first two million euros, money that has already been deposited.

The second and third variables are the same but correspond to different seasons. Si Atlético de Madrid manages to reach the quarterfinals of the Champions League this season -To do this they will have to eliminate Chelsea-, they will have to pay other Two millions of euros to the Blaugrana coffers. If this goal is met again in the 21/22 season, another two kilos.

Thus, el Atlético de Madrid has already paid Barcelona seven million euros for the transfer of Luis Suárez and he still has another four kilos pending that are subject to the evolution of the mattresses in this edition of the Champions League and in that of the next campaign.

The Barça continues paying him part of the salary

Another important point of the transfer of Luis Suarez It is another of the conditions set by the Uruguayan to leave and that he did and strictly comply with the Barça. The Atlético de Madrid He pays a great salary to the striker this season but this is not in accordance with the emoluments he received as a culé. This campaign, the one that was still signed with the Catalans, Barcelona pays the remaining difference between what the mattresses pay and what they would receive from staying at the Camp Nou. From the next one, he will only be charged by Atlético.