Atlético de Madrid is interested in Sergio Herrera

07/22/2021 at 8:08 PM CEST

Jordi Pozo

Atlético de Madrid is still looking for a goalkeeper and the one chosen by the mattress sports management would be Osasuna’s goalkeeper, Sergio Herrera. As reported by the ‘newspaper AS’, the ‘Cholo’ would be looking for a substitute for Ivo Grbic, current second rojiblanco goalkeeper, who could head to Mallorca or Valencia on loan.

As the ‘AS newspaper’ points out, Osasuna would not look favorably on the departure of one of its fundamental pillars and it would have been referred to the termination clause of Herrera, of 11.5 million euros. However, Atlético would not be willing to pay such an amount, since the economic situation of the club at the moment is not ideal and would have offered an exchange between players.

Sergio Herrera renewed his contract last season, with an increase in salary and clause, although the latter would be lowered if the ‘rojillo’ club descends to 2nd Division. The departure of Osasuna’s substitute goalkeeper, ex-blaugrana Rubén Martínez, also makes the operation difficult, since before letting go of his starting goalkeeper he should take the services of at least one other goalkeeper.

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