Atlético de Madrid has plenty of reasons to be a favorite in the Santander League

The victory of Atlético de Madrid before him Barcelona it is not trivial. It is not only the first triumph of the Era Simeone in the Santander League against the Catalans, no. It is not just a full-blown blow to the competition, to the list of favorites and clear candidates, no. The victory allows the colchoneros to be able to say openly that they are leaders and the first choice of the pools to end up taking the title in this 20/21 season.

The rojiblancos currently have a good list of reasons to think what they are clear favorites ahead of the championship. Of the sports crises of Madrid Y Barça, going through the factors Joao Felix or Luis Suarez, the Simeone effect and the wide advantage they have acquired at the moment over the rest of the candidates after only eight games played – they still have two postponed.

Crisis in Madrid and Barça

The numbers today speak for themselves. Real Madrid Y Barcelona They have started the year crooked, giving versions of themselves very far from those of last year, even more so from years before. Against Villarreal, the Whites once again showed their fragility and vulnerability and gave up their second draw in nine games, to which we must add two defeats and five wins. In total, 17 points. The crisis of Barça it is total. Koeman’s men only add five points from the last 18, have the same victories as defeats (3) after eight games and they are already nine points away from Atlético, with only 11 points in his locker.

A solid team with a goal

But beyond the weaknesses that emerge in his greatest rivals, the Athletic is showing solvency and solidity even to compete against the best versions of the whites and culés. Despite the doubts that Cholo generated last season, it seems that this year he has found his way again. After eight games, with six wins and two draws, the rojiblancos have managed to score 18 goals and only conceded two goals. In fact, his two draws were with the score to zero (Villarreal and Huesca), so whenever he scores, he wins.

Joao Felix

After a year of transition and adaptation, the great star and investment of Atlético de Madrid seems to start. Joao Felix is being the offensive pillar that the Cholo Simeone previously. The Portuguese is unleashed, appears and is no longer intermittent. In the League, he has five goals and three assists in eight games and contributes per game. In the Champions League, add two goals in three duels. The Argentine coach has found the key to enhance his game.

Luis Suarez Factor

The level of Luis Suárez is undoubted, whether he is 28 or 33 years old. The Uruguayan, like Joao, participate in one goal per game with the colchoneros. Of the six duels he played in LaLiga he transformed five goals and distributed an assist. Many of Atlético de Madrid’s options will start from their regularity, especially physical, throughout the course. With him on the pitch, Atlético grows. Although against Barça it was not necessary …

Simeone effect

Diego Pablo Simeone is close to completing nine seasons as coach of the Atlético de Madrid. It is said quickly, it seems easy, but the Argentine has managed to reinvent himself year after year maintaining a clear identity, aggressiveness, intensity and physique. His team is constant, he has a winning mentality, he has confidence in what he does and this season seems to have also found his football. The Athletics Most gamer of recent times has reason to dream.

The accumulated advantage

The 20 points that Atlético has added so far, the only team that has not yet lost in the Santander League, they place it as a favorite, even more so because of the advantage it has accumulated with the other two great candidates. With the same matches played, the rojiblancos get nine points from a poor Barcelona (eleven). The Madrid, with one more game, he is three points (17), an advantage that could be extended until six if he continued with the brilliant mattress streak.