There is no more recognizable leader in the current Atlético de Madrid that the Argentine Diego Simeone, who today leads the assault of the rojiblanco team on the quarterfinals of the Champions League, in Anfield, a legendary stadium, that intimidates as much or more than its local team, the Liverpool, and who arrives with a minimal advantage (1-0) from the stadium Metropolitan Wanda. Atlético de Madrid needs to score a goal. “We have to try to score,” he said. Saúl Ñíguez, on the eve.

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It somewhat triggers the possibilities of the rojiblanco team, because it requires three of its opponent to eliminate it, with all that that entails against an opponent such as the team that directs Simeone, much as the current season is so far from the level that the team was supposed to have in the summer, when he was an aspirant to everything that now only survives in the Champions League and in the league fight for third place. It’s the time for the truth.