Atlético de Madrid did not want to win

Atlético de Madrid, is said to be a team with the capacity to do great things, but that never ends up believing it and, as a result, makes conservative approaches that lead to defeat, especially if it is a Champions League match. This has happened today. Simeone has felt inferior to Chelsea and has prioritized a match with a clean sheet in a 180-minute tie. The shot backfired, well Giroud has scored the lonely goal of the blues. The mattresses disappointed.

Oblak; Savic, Felipe, Mario Hermoso; Llorente, Koke, Saúl, Lemar; João Félix, Correa; Luis Suarez. This was the eleven of Atlético de Madrid in Bucharest. Anyone who has seen the colchoneros in the least this season expected an overwhelming dominance from the rojiblancos. A line of midfielders full of gamers, with two midfielders between the lines to create spaces and trace the path of the ball towards top scorer Luis Suárez. It has not been like that at all. All have had a single task, to defend. They played as a small team against a big one, something like Cádiz against Barcelona last weekend.

Inexplicable. Player by player, Atlético de Madrid is much better than Chelsea; at least today. Allow me this little comparison:

Oblak vs Mendy. The difference is obvious. The best goalkeeper in the world against one who is not even guaranteed a place in the eleven. Oblak received 4 shots on goal. Mendy none and, despite this, he showed his insecurities.

Savic vs Azpilicueta. Okay, here Azpilicueta can win. The Chelsea captain is all guts and delivers both on defense and offensive additions. Savic, although he complies, needs Giménez by his side.

Felipe vs Christensen. Last season’s Felipe would vastly outnumber Christensen. This year he is worse, but he is still a better player. If Atleti had stalked the central defender and had tested him in speed, it would have generated dangerous occasions.

Mario Hermoso vs Rudiger. The simple doubt offends. Rudiger is a slow and clumsy center-back. Mario Hermoso can even play as a winger; perfect for slowing down blues bands.

Hudson-Odoi vs Marcos Llorente. The Atlético de Madrid player is one of the most decisive of the season. Attack like a playmaker and defend like a pivot. Hudson-Odoi is a winger who does not know how to defend and is insecure when shooting the ball. They hardly put him to the test.

Jorginho vs. Koke. Strife equals. The helm of each team. Jorginho has a slower game. If Atlético de Madrid had impressed intensity, the game would have been won by Vallecas.

Kovacic vs Saul. Another tie. Kovacic is an all-rounder, but he drifts around corners and doesn’t stand out on the ball. Saúl is all sacrifice, although he surpasses the Croatian in the shot. It did not reach the blue area.

FBL-EUR-C1-ATLETICO-CHELSEAFBL-EUR-C1-ATLETICO-CHELSEAAtlético de Madrid finished the game without shooting on target | DANIEL MIHAILESCU / .

Thomas Lemar vs Marcos Alonso. To begin with, it is inexplicable that Lemar returns to the band instead of Saúl. Starting from there, the Frenchman, in possession game, is the revelation of the season. The Atleti did not want to please him.

Correa vs Werner. I play between the lines against speed and goal. Here the German wins.

João Félix vs Mount. The Englishman shone because his people looked for him and he was able to speed up the game. The Portuguese went unnoticed because Atleti only knew how to hit balls.

Luis Suarez vs Giroud. The comparison itself is an offense. A Golden Boot against the striker who won the World Cup without scoring. Guess who scored a goal?


Once analyzed, player by player, the eleven of the two teams, the reader will understand the definition of Atlético de Madrid as a team with a losing mentality. The colchoneros were able to dominate, take the ball and pass over their rivals. If they did not do so, it was not because of Tuchel’s men, but because of their own demerit. The party lost it