Atleti B will have a duel of subsidiaries thinking about the First RFEF

The Atlético de Madrid B visit to Getafe B with an eye on reaching the positions that give the right to play for the First RFEF, the category known as the Second B PRO. Currently they are separated by five points from those positions, and will play against a direct rival. The game will be played this Sunday at 11.30 am at the Azulona Sports City.

The mattresses have 12 points, the same as the four below, one of them the Getafe B, his rival this Sunday. So Nacho Fernandez, the mattress coach knows that “it is another final in order to reach that blue zone that can give us the opportunity to fight for the Pro League and for that we have to win quickly. It is an important game to try to cut points with the blue zone. We know that it is a team that has lost points in the last games in the final minutes, as has also happened to us. It has been a parallel path to us because of that of escaping the victory in the final minutes, although ours is more alarming. This game will be taken by the one who makes the fewest mistakes, “he told the club’s website.

The colchoneros have added seven of the last 18 points played. While the azulones have achieved six during the same period of time. Two very similar teams in a match that is expected to be very even.

The objective is clear to enter the group of teams that will fight for the First RFEF. “It is important that we get to that last match against him Navalcarnero to three points or less because everything that is that would serve to put it to us in the last day. We have to cut points now. Now all the games are difficult but for us it is important to win quickly to try to close those distances ”, to which he added that“ the players have between eyebrows to be able to get into professional football and for that they have to have a good year, like We did last season in which we took out 14 players. And it must be done on a collective level, first, and then individually. We are going with all the illusion in the world to add the 3 points in Getafe”.

So this Sunday there will be a game of maximum tension as recognized by the mattress coach: “There will be tension because in all the games we play a lot. This Sunday because it is a direct rival, then we will have Rayo Majadahonda, who plays it from above, then the Real Madrid Castilla and to finish the Navalcarnero. Everyone will play something in the games. This week we play the relegation as in the last but from this game we will play with teams that will seek to be in the Pro League or in the promotion zone. They are games at the end of the season. When you have such a young team, it is difficult for the team to engage and now is when it is engaging and unfortunately for us it is the end of the season. Sunday’s is a game to be clear that we are playing a lot and that the only thing that nerves will do is make mistakes and you can pay them dearly. You have to transmit tranquility ”.