Atlas: Diego Cocca reveals Renato Ibarra’s situation and is excited about a pass to Semis

The Red and Black of the Atlas are turning out to be a real black horse in the Closing 2021 of the MX League, then to fight to preserve the category in the First division, now they are one step away from being placed in the anteroom of the Grand finale, exciting the fans of fury that begin to dream big by aiming for the title.

Faced with this situation, the coach of the Foxes, Diego Cocca, stated that the Atlas It has awakened that feeling in its fans through the games they have given in the tournament, so they have solid arguments to be excited about beating Puebla and going far in this Liguilla.

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“If people are excited it is because they see something on the pitch, they are not excited because one says something to them or it is not because of the words, you have to put it into action. I am convinced that the team transmits hunger, transmits ambition and desire to go forward ”, he commented in an interview for Marca.

The Argentine strategist pointed out that these aspects have awakened that illusion in the red and black fans, leaving aside the forms or ways in which the results have been given, situations that will be evaluated after the tournament ends.

The Argentine highlighted the importance of winger Renato Ibarra within the team, which is why he has made the decision to put up with him until the last minute to find out whether or not he will be able to use him in the Vuelta match against Puebla.

“We brought him in because we want to give him one more day, see how it evolves. He felt a discomfort and that’s why he left the game,” he said.

Cocca pointed out that they will be very careful with Renato Ibarra, so they have allowed him to rest to give him recovery time so that they can count on him from the start, since the Ecuadorian has become a fundamental piece in the generation of offensive play of those of the Academy, receiving total freedom of movement in front of the field.

“Renato is a player who is unbalanced, he has a gait more than the rest and we need the balls to go through him in attack,” he said.

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