Atlas. Cocca confirms that he will proceed due to improper alignment

Alberto Ávalos

Guadalajara / 02.21.2021 00:33:26

In Atlas they will not touch the heart and what they consider to be an improper alignment by America will be fought Regarding the Uruguayan striker Federico Viñas, at least that was confirmed by the coach, Diego Cocca.

And it is that for the Argentine, the regulation not only harmed them in that matter, because in the penalty charged in favor of the Eagles in the first half and the expulsion of Jesús Angulo, the same happened

« We are all governed by a regulation, many times it hurts us, today it hurt us with the expulsion and it is clear with the issue of including players or not and we look at the rivals to make the changes and with the Viñas issue it was not in the squad, but yes on the bench, we hope the league will act. It will be a matter of the league, yes what I saw is that Viñas was warming up and was in the stands with his teammates and we were attentive. We consulted and nobody knew and now we find out that he shouldn’t be there, « he said.

Visibly upset during the post-match conference, Cocca assured that he did not have an explanation for the referee Fernando Guerrero not to review the penalty of the first half in the VAR.

“One has to know the rules that the referees apply to transmit to the players that they are not wrong, the expulsion if it had been above the booty I understand it more, it was not like that, I did not understand it. I yelled at the penalty because they yelled at me from above that Martín stepped on our player, these are questions you have to ask the referee. Work kills us as a technician, it doesn’t do the show good, ”he concluded.