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The current season of Fortnite will conclude until the end of August, so Epic Games still has some surprises related to the aquatic theme. Weeks ago clues emerged about major changes to the map, all related to declining water levels.

In case you don’t remember, dataminers found evidence of the possible arrival of Atlantis or a location similar to the Battle Royale. The map recently underwent changes as water levels dropped further.

Thanks to this, we know that Atlantis is real and became a location on the map. Although the new area is inspired by the mythical place, it does not bear its name, because what you will find is a region called Coral Castle.

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Where to find Atlantis in Fortnite: Battle Royale?

Some iconic locations on the Battle Royale map have gradually returned to normal. The big surprise is that, with the last update of the water levels, a new area emerged.

To find the Coral Castle you only have to go to the northwest section of the map. There you will find the new thematic area that makes a clear reference to Atlantis. As the name implies, the area has a castle where you can fight.

Also, you will find a large number of chests in the surroundings, so it will certainly be a very busy area. Due to the changes you can also visit Slurpy Swamp again to fill your shield levels.

A recognized filtering of the game shared an image that perfectly shows the changes that the map underwent. In the lower part you can see the new territory belonging to Coral Castle. I also leave you some images of the new location.

We remind you that Epic Games is still working for the arrival of new vehicles at the Battle Royale. This novelty was to be launched in late July; however, it was delayed and is now expected to be available during the first few weeks of August.

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Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. Find more information related to the Battle Royale on this page.