Athletic’s questions and answers on the old and new membership fees

Athletic, after the agreement reached with the first team for a new salary reduction, has published a series of questions with their respective answers to clarify possible doubts regarding the Extraordinary Assembly of Compromisary Members this Sunday.

At this meeting to be held from 10 am in San Mamés, via telematics, the closing of the fiscal year corresponding to last season and the budget for the new campaign will be put to a vote. Both issues were rejected in the assembly held at the end of December.

1. What about my 2020 fee?

The eleven games without an audience and with free access to which the member could not attend San Mamés in 2020 will be returned, compensating them with the matches in 2021 that the member can attend.

2. So, the partners will not pay the matches with the public in 2021?

It will not be necessary to make a new quota payment for the matches that can be attended in 2021. They will be considered subscribers, by compensation, with the 2020 quota already paid.

3. What if in 2021 you cannot attend the same number of matches as in 2020?

If the eleven 2020 matches that can be played with the public in 2021 cannot be compensated, the difference will be returned to the members, deducting it from the 2022 fee.

4. What happens to the advances paid in 2020 to the members who requested it?

Advances will be regularized taking into account the matches that the member may attend in 2021.

5. Is a Covid grant going to be proposed to members for the next Ordinary Assembly in October?

Yes, it will be proposed for approval by the Assembly next October 2021 once accurate data is available on the matches that have been played without an audience this year and on the global economic impact of Covid on Athletic Club.

6. Will the Covid aid that will be proposed to the Assembly be linear?

Yes, a linear aid will be raised from all members to the Club, the decision on its approval corresponding to the Assembly.

7. What about the new members?

New members in 2021 will be given the half-year fee. In the event that they cannot attend San Mamés, their situation will be regularized like the rest of the members.

8. Will the new members have to face the extraordinary linear aid?

In case of approval of the linear aid by the Assembly, the new members will have to pay the part of the aid that corresponds to them.