Athletic de Marcelino beat Dortmund de Haaland in a pre-season friendly in Switzerland

Athletic Bilbao knocked down the almighty Borussia Dortmund, with Haaland on the field, achieving a victory (0-2), which could have been greater by little than the Bilbao forwards would have been right on the pitch at the Kybunpark in St. Gallen.

Marcelino opted for an eleven formed by Ezkieta in goal, with Capa, Núñez, Yeray and Lekue behind. In the midfield Dani García and Zarraga occupied the midfielder position with Nico Williams and Morcillo at the ends, to leave the attack to Sancet and Iñaki Williams. Face a Dortmund with big names like Dahoud, Reyna, Reus and, of course, Haaland.


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In the first part, the Lions were better planted, but they did not finish realizing their dominance and transforming it into opportunities. In fact, Dortmund had the best chance of scoring, but Yeray saved under the sticks when the Borusser fans were already calling for the goal. Good image of those of Marcelino, but somewhat thick in attack. The first goal came in the 50th minute, when Raúl García scored the penalty for Villalibre.

The second goal came from a shot by Dani Vivian in a cross into the area in a lateral foul. The people of Bilbao found in this second half the depth that they lacked in the first, despite the carousel of changes that occurred after the break. Marcelino bet on a completely different eleven in the resumption with Agirrezabala, Petxarroman, Vivian, Íñigo Martínez, Balenziaga, Vencedor, Vesga, Berenguer, Muniain, Villalibre and Raúl García. Triumph to dismiss the stay in Switzerland against a notable rival in which Haaland was dried up by the Biscayan defenders with the big teams in Europe pending their future. Among them Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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