That we have the teaser trailer around the corner, It does not mean that some news can not come out that another of Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy and even more, existing media with a certain tendency to leak as is the case with Famitsu. The user «Ichikyo57» shared through Twitter an image of some interest that he saw in the Japanese magazine:

Has the Atelier Ryza 2 fairy been shown for the first time?

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The full name of this installment, hints that a fairy is going to have some relevance in history, because it is even in the logo. However, I still hadn’t made a clear appearance, staying out of that trailer they released on the Japanese Nintendo Direct Mini. Anything else to comment on « key art »? Yes, in addition to leaving Reisalin, Klaudia and Lent, who have not changed too much, in the background you can see a relatively tall boy, who aims to be an old acquaintance … Tao hit the lug? The editor has overheard in some places that this sequel occurs 3 years later, but having no official source with which to confirm it, take this information for now as just a rumor. What do you think the fairy can contribute to the next adventure that awaits us? By the way, if by chance you were left wanting more, remember that soon they will publish the teaser trailer that we mentioned before.

Source: Famitsu / Via