At what time and where does Carla Vizzotti take over as Minister of Health

After the controversy over the « VIP vaccination » against him coronavirus (Covid-19) that was uncovered yesterday when the journalist Horace Verbitsky confessed that he had inoculated the first dose of the Sputnik V, President Alberto Fernandez requested the resignation of Health Minister, Ginés González García, which will be replaced by the until now Secretary of Access to Health, Carla vizzotti.

Since the arrival of the pandemic and in full quarantine, Vizzotti was the visible face of the morning reports and one of the most recognized figures in the healthcare portfolio.

In addition, the vice minister was one of those responsible for the arrival of the russian vaccine to Argentina and even traveled with scientists from the Anmat to Moscow to finish certifying the Sputnik V effectiveness and start with the Strategic Vaccination Plan that in the first instance covered the health personnel Y security forces.



In the country the last report released a total of 7,886 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours, 143 dead and an accumulated of 2,054,681 infected with Covid-19 Y 51,000 dead since the beginning of the pandemic.

This Wednesday they arrived from India 580,000 doses of Covishield vaccine which carries the formula of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine to continue with the immunization plan, beyond the « get vaccinated« and that from today will be led by Vizzotti as minister.

« Argentina is going to have enough vaccines to vaccinate the risk population. We are clearly in a favorable situation, because he has negotiated the contracts for the obtaining the doses« , highlighted at the beginning of the month the Secretary of Access to Health



When does Carla Vizzotti take over?

Carla Vizzotti will take office today at 17 on the Olivos residence What minister of the sanitary portfolio, in replacement of Ginés González García, who presented tonight his resignation to President Alberto Fernández.

Born on April 1, 1972, the future minister received her medical degree from the Salvador’s university and specialized in the control of immune preventable diseases and infectious, in internal Medicine, and in systems and social Security.

Vizzotti met last night with the President in Pink House, meeting in which the president offered him the position, after having received the resignation letter from Ginés González García.