At the same price, would you sign Haaland or Mbappé?

Let’s face it that we are talking about two of the most present and future players on the world scene and that choosing one is not detracting from the other. That said, they are very different players, who occupy different positions and who each bring you their own. If we talk to play forward, I was left with Erling haaland. If it is true that Mbappe He can occupy that demarcation, and I’m sure he would surrender, but I am not so clear that surrounded by two center-backs and playing backwards on many occasions he would have such a great impact on the pitch.

Today, Mbappe has confirmed for longer that it is at the ‘top’ level, but the irruption of Haaland It is also one of those that comes out every so often. Speed ​​and coordination with 1.94 at those levels is difficult to find and if you add to that the ability to finish everything with success you have a scorer for many years. In addition, the Norwegian seems to have his feet on the ground and is, by all accounts, the leader of Borussia Dortmund, passing over another talent like Sancho. Inside it explodes everything that has to do a tip, download, first touch game, transitions, static attacks and hit with both legs. What more could you ask for in a tip? If Madrid are looking for a player inside, I would bet on Haaland without a doubt, more because it is the position where he limps the most, not so much on the outside.

Either way. Signing either of the two will be a complete success. Also with Mbappe, an extraordinary capable of occupying all three attack positions, something that Haaland it can not do. Time will tell who is the best. Ah, but yes, a key factor is also the price to get each one of your team, and Haaland seems to be cheaper. Important thing.

It is clear that Haaland He’s a great footballer, and not because he’s 1.94 m tall. Also that he possesses qualities that are unbecoming of a player of his size, by the way. I do not ignore his present, his voracity as his potential announces that he will be one of the strikers who will dominate Europe during the next decade. But at the same price, I was left with Mbappe.

Mainly, because I think its level is a notch above that of Haaland. At least, in terms of what has been seen so far and keeping in mind that what has been seen from the Norwegian is more than promising.

What’s more, Mbappe he is a more complete striker and therefore adaptable to more needs than can arise in a team. I think that for the type of attacker that is the amount of synergies with companions that can reach is higher than that of Haaland.

On the other hand, I admit that my predilection for Mbappe it has a certain nostalgic touch. I have not seen in all that we have in the 19th century a footballer who reminds me of Ronaldo (‘O Phenomenon’) more than Mbappe. And I love this feeling! Therefore, if Haaland it costs 75 and Mbappe the 200 that are talked about, if I would stick with the Norwegian, but at the same price, I would prefer the good Kylian.