At least one dead and about 100 missing after the collapse of a building in Miami Beach

At least one person has died and about 100 are missing as part of a 12-story, 40-year-old residential building collapses Thursday on a main street in Miami Beach, where firefighters are fighting to rescue people who were trapped.

As confirmed to The Miami Herald newspaper by the spokesman for the emergency services Ray Jadallah, about 55 apartments have collapsed at dawn this Thursday, around 1:30 in the morning, local time, which has left a large mountain of debris in the Surfside neighborhood.

Miami Beach County troopers have confirmed the first fatality from the landslide, which occurred while residents of the building slept. Several people have been taken to hospitals in the area, according to the media.

After the collapse, the causes of which are unknown, a mountain of debris formed next to the Champlain Towers building, where dozens of rescuers have worked throughout the night in search of possible victims and survivors to remove the people who are still inside.

In the emergency communication services, the Miami Beach firefighters indicated that they were working on the collapse of the building “with multiple patients” and requested the assistance of “all available units.”

The building has 130 apartments, but it is not known how many were occupied or how many people were inside when a complete part of the structure fell, as there are many neighbors who do not live there permanently.

The Miami-Dade County Technical Rescue Team is working on the scene with the help of fire departments from several of the cities in this sector of Miami.

The authorities have enabled a telephone for people who are looking for …

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