With the arrival of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ many of the doubts that arose within Snyder’s productions within the DCEU could finally be resolved, as the director’s original plan was to close these narrative arcs with ‘Justice League’ and its possible sequels, so now that it has received the support of Warner Bros, we may see the explanation of the biggest mystery of ‘Batman V Superman’.

Zack Snyder was planning to make five films that would unite his narrative arc To create a great production, for that reason during ‘Batman V Superman’, we were given certain clues about what we would see in the future, however, Whedon left out of the play the scenes that gave context to these references, so that the clues were totally meaningless.

One of these clues was given during Bruce Wayne’s nightmare scene, in which we can see Batman in a post-apocalyptic future controlled by Darkseid, in which the night knight has to face the parademons, before whom he loses the battle, since some time later we see him chained in an underground prison .

It is precisely in that prison where Batman will discover that Superman has become a kind of evil dictator and although the scene did not reveal it, it was hinted that the man of steel ended the life of Bruce Wayne, since at that moment the hero woke up only to see Flash saying that he was right about Superman and that Lois was the key.

This scene greatly confused the viewers, since no further explanation was given, something ‘Justice League’ was going to take care of, but with Whedon removing these sequences, the mystery could never be solved, until now, as Snyder has confirmed that there will be more nightmare scenes in his version, so fans have begun to get excited about the possibility that this will leave the door open for an adaptation of ‘Injustice’, since both stories are very similar.

So, ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ will fill in the blanks and finally he will explain the mystery of ‘Batman V Superman’, let’s hope that without having a sequel, the director can close all the narrative arcs that were left open in his previous films, something that is possible since the new version is said to be It lasts four hours.